I had a 2000 Toyota Camry with 185,000 miles and was in great shape – had a very good mechanic and would have gone another 100,000 miles! However, I decided I wanted a new car. Was looking for a 2 to 3-year-old red car, economy size with great gas mileage. I checked the internet and […]

When I was in high school I was in love with VW’s and especially the 1983 VW GTI or the Scirocco 16v. When I was in college I bought a used Audi 4000 and later when I first started working a Mk3 GTI 4cyl. Both were the worst cars I have ever had… After a […]

Charger is a very versatile vehicle when it comes to sedans. Its packed with power when you need it and it is very comfortable too. I really love the aggressive and muscle look. There are unlimited things you can do to it to make it look even more awesome. The performance and the looks are […]

Lots of fun, amazing in bad weather, specially in snow with good tires. The ride is harsh for a commuter, but is so much fun in traffic that you forget and forgive the stiff ride. Take it to the track and you will never be able to drive beyond his capabilities, again with the right […]

This is my second eGolf and I’m very sorry that VW has stopped making them. It’s a Golf – looks like a Golf, drives like a Golf, feels like a Golf. The fact that it’s electric is almost secondary. That said, it is electric, so I drive it almost everywhere and buy gas in our […]

This car is the nicest car I’ve ever owned. It seems to have just the right amount of everything to make a driver happy. It has the space inside that you’d find in an SUV, it handles remarkably well, really crisp luxurious interior, huge infotainment screen, stereo system is really good (I have the 10 […]

If there was a wish from Car Enthusiasts for an all around car that embodies everything, Nissan heard it… This car is hands down the most exciting “4-Door Sports Car” on the road today. Everything I mentioned in the Title is right on the mark, with no compromises. However, and before I am accused of […]

After my wife got in an accident (luckily with minor bruises) and totaled our last car (1998 Honda Civic), we wanted to get a replacement where safety was a number 1 priority. We were attracted to the standard AWD and we bought a 2018 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited with Eyesight, with all the bells and […]

Just purchased the Model S Performance. Improved efficiency of 345 mi EPA range with new permanent-magnet motor in front. Somewhat faster supercharging at 200 kW (if you can find one; most still 120 kW). New suspension has markedly improved ride quality, which I think is the best new Raven feature. Went with 19-inch rather than […]

I bought a 2019 Ioniq Hybrid Blue back in October of 2018. My daily commute to and from work includes 60 miles with an added 10-20 miles of driving for work. I knew I needed something to keep gas costs down and this does the job. I average out about 55 mpg per tank and […]