I long coveted the Tesla Model S. I’d see it in the store at my local mall and swoon over it’s beautiful design. But with the price tag, I had decided to wait for the Model 3. My commute is 185 miles – one way. So other BEVs with little range were out of the […]

Let’s start with the flaws: It’s always connected to the cell network. (This is a common ‘flaw’ of many modern cars in my view. Volkswagen, you make cars, not computers. Stop connecting things to the internet, just stop it. Yes, it can be disconnected but it’s not trivial). The fuel tank is small and the […]

Those of you looking at the GTI for fun, take my review into consideration…GO FOR IT. I cannot recommend this car enough. I bought it as my new daily driver, and it has surprised me in every way. With 210 horsepower and a turbo charged, intercooled engine, this little vehicle has just enough kick to […]

This is my first Mazda and I was looking at several new cars to purchase. While I considered this model, I looked at the different options it has and so far, I love that I made the choice to go with the Grand Touring model in the Soul Red color. I have had several people […]

I didn’t see a listing for the 2014 model year, but as I understand it there haven’t been many changes. The odometer is nearing 62k and I’m still thrilled with this car. Granted, 62k is just getting broken in; after all, this car has made a couple of “cars likely to run for 200k miles” […]

I adore this car and knew on the first test drive that I HAD to have one! We settled on the 2.5i Limited and I still love it after having almost three years. It rides well, is comfortable to drive on longs trips and has lots of options that make it a cushy ride. Some […]

I purchased it new from a local dealer in summer 2016. They didn’t have the color/model that I wanted, so they built it for me. It only took 1.5 months. I have the standard/basic model 2.5i PZEV.   As of Fall 2018, I have about 13K miles on it. It has held-up well. No problems. […]

I drove Lexus/Toyota/Honda all my life. The dependability was just too much to pass up. Then I bought a 2016 Mustang GT Premium. I honestly have to say it is the first car that put a smile on my face like a kid that just got a bicycle for Christmas. Even my wife that drives […]

It could just be me, but I’ve had more problems with this car than I did with my 2012 and 2014 Mustangs combined. Like another reviewer here, I also live in Florida, have a 2016 GT Premium and had the dreaded evaporator core issue, among others. I have the 5.0 V8 with the manual 6-speed […]

After researching various sports cars I ended up purchasing this car on a whim. I wanted to down size from my E90 M3. I cross shopped a lot of different cars with a wide variation in prices including the Corvette Gran Sport, Porsche Cayman S, Porsche Boxer S and the BMW M2. What I was […]