How to buy not original spare parts?

One of the most simple options to save on next is the acquisition of non-original spare parts, which are noticeably cheaper than the “original”.

Some motorists feel that aftermarket parts is short-lived and poor fake, but actually is incorrect.

The majority of non-original spare parts are manufactured on the same technology as the original, and even on the same site. Quite often, the “original” from the “fake” can be distinguished only by the marking on the package.

It is not a secret that in addition to the supplies directly to the car manufacturers, conveyors similar details, but not branded already auto brand and manufacturer, sent on a non authorized shops selling spare parts.

Most popular parts are changed according to the regulations for planned technical inspection of the vehicle. They typically include: filters, plugs, brake pads, belts and shock absorbers.

When selecting spare parts it is advisable to favour chains that are suppliers of auto manufacturers and well established themselves on the market. As an example, can cite firms supplying parts for Volkswagen models: Ferodo (brake system), SACHS (shock absorber, clutch) NGK (candles), Dayco (belts), Mann (filters) and other brands.

Acquiring spare parts it is necessary to remember about the probabilities get on counterfeiting, also found on the market. To avoid trouble and not to buy low-quality goods, try to treat only proven distribution of spare parts with a good reputation.
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