We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

Get battery watch

Electric coolers draw around 40-80 watts and that means they can quickly discharge a car battery if used when the car is not running. Some boxes have a built-in battery guard that turns off the cooling box if the battery starts to discharge. A loose battery watch costs around a hundred pounds and is a wise investment to avoid being left with an empty battery.

Test result

Best in test is the Waeco Coolfreeze CDF-18, a compressor box that cools the food by far the fastest and can even keep it frozen. It comes with a built-in battery monitor and the temperature is continuously controlled with a thermostat. The best budget choice is the Mobicool T25, a double-fan thermoelectric box that distributes the cold really well among the food items.

Giostyle Fiesta 25L 12 / 230V

Comment: Smooth

Review: GioStyle’s combi box promises to hold bottles standing, but in practice there is only room for one bottle as the cooling element in the lid takes up large space, the rest of the bottles may lie down. However, the box is easy to carry and is quite quiet. It cools well, but when the electricity is switched off the temperature rises quickly again.

Cooling technology: Thermoelectric element

Volume: 25 l

Weight: 3 kg

Dimensions (wxlxh): 26x38x43 cm

Powered by: 12/230 V

Power: 50 W

Temperature after 14 hours: 11 ° C

Circa price: 600 kr

Customer contact: 020-833333,

Plus: Holds a lot. Good cooling effect. Relatively quiet.

Minus: Thin insulation. Cable inputs on the top.

 Car Cool Bag GSB-18

Comment: Shoulder strap

Review: A small cooler bag that can be worn with a shoulder strap. The sides are hard and the inside is white plastic, but the lid is impractical, thin and soft and closes with a zipper. The fan sits far down on one side, which is good. PET bottles can be stored lying down, but not standing.

Cooling technology: Thermoelectric element

Volume: 18 l

Weight: 3 kg

Dimensions (wxlxh): 49x25x32 cm

Powered by: 12 V

Power: 40 W

Temperature after 14 hours: 11 ° C

Circa price: 400 kr

Customer contact: 0511-34 20 00,

Plus: Flexible. Shoulder strap included. Pretty quiet.

Minus: Only 12 volts. Thin insulation. Soft cover.

 Car theme Cooling / heating box

Comment: Lumpy

Review: A box that can be used for either hot-keeping or cold storage is a good idea, but this one feels plastic and clumsy. The cord sits in the road on the front of the lid and comes off easily. The box is cool though. It has an on and off button and PET bottles are kept upright.

Cooling technology: Thermoelectric element

Volume: 24 l

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions (wxlxh): 30x40x44 cm

Powered by: 12/230 V

Power: 48 W

Temperature after 14 hours: 10 ° C

Circa price: 400 kr

Customer contact: 077-520 00 00,

Plus: Heat or cool. Spacious.

Minus: Loud. The cord loosens easily.


6.5 Total Score
So we did:

The testing company Smartson has tested 5 electric coolers in different price ranges and designs. Only the cooling function has been tested. We used water bottles with a temperature of 16 ° C and left the boxes on for 14 hours at room temperature. Products with thermostat were set to maximum cooling. The measurements then proceeded with the boxes turned off for another 8 hours. The liquid temperature was measured at regular intervals where the level after 14 hours is reported for each product. The products are rated by design, quality, features, performance and value for money. The maximum score is 6 points.

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