Victoria Police Detect $2 Million HSV Cloning Scheme

Victoria Police Uncover $2 Million HSV Rebirthing Operation

In a major crackdown, Victoria Police have busted a $2 million HSV rebirthing operation that was running for years. The gang was involved in stealing and rebirthing high-end Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) that were then sold on to unsuspecting buyers.

The Sting Operation

Acting on intelligence, the police raided six properties across Melbourne and arrested nine suspects. They seized 17 high-end HSVs that were in the process of being rebirthed, along with component parts and other items used in the rebirthing process.

How the Operation Worked?

The rebirthing operation involved stealing high-end vehicles, stripping them down to their component parts, and then rebuilding them using stolen or cloned parts with false serial numbers. This gave them a new identity, making them nearly impossible to be traced back to their original stolen vehicles. The gang also forged documents, including registration papers and service records, making it seem like the cars were legitimate and reducing suspicion from potential buyers.

Number of Vehicle Victims

Police have identified around 40 stolen HSVs that were rebirthed and sold by the gang. The stolen vehicles were mainly targeted from rural Victoria and the Yarra Ranges, where they would be less likely to be noticed by patrolling police officers.

The Damage Done

The gang had caused significant monetary and emotional damage to the victims who unknowingly purchased the stolen cars. They had also caused damage to the legitimate HSV market by flooding it with clone and rebirthed cars, making it harder for buyers to identify and purchase genuine vehicles.

The Punishment

The nine individuals arrested had been charged with numerous offenses related to the rebirth operation. They faced up to 10 years in prison and large fines, along with the confiscation of the seized items, including the 17 rebirthed HSV cars. The Victoria police force has urged buyers to be cautious when purchasing HSVs and other high-end vehicles and to do proper checks before making a purchase.

The Aftermath

The successful bust of the $2 million HSV rebirthing operation by Victoria Police is a significant success in their ongoing battle against organized crime. The police have proved that they have the resources, intelligence and capacity to take down high-level criminal operations, keeping the public safe and maintaining law and order in the community.

The Lessons Learned

The HSV rebirthing operation is a reminder of the dangers of organized crime and the need to remain vigilant. It also highlights the importance of due diligence when making high-end vehicle purchases. Checking official documents, service records, and vehicle identification numbers are just some of the ways buyers can safeguard themselves from unwittingly purchasing stolen or cloned vehicles.
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