Used 1998 Jaguar XJ-Series Reviews and Price

Used 1998 Jaguar. I bought my ’98 XJ8 from a shop, whose owner didn’t want to proceed with repairs. It had a broken secondary timing chain, the most common failure on this engine. It had 153k on the odo, with no apparent major repairs. The oil pan was full of pieces from the chain tensioners! I did the work in my garage (got lucky because no valve damage), replacing front chains and tensioners, water pump, t-stat and tower, expansion tank/sensor, spark plugs and most hoses. Due to “runs hot” complaints I had the rad. flushed and tested. The car had several codes on the dash, so it’s now at a shop to read and address them. It starts and runs beautifully, except for an occasional blip that puts it into an electrical mode of just 4 cylinders! That’s the main reason it’s in the shop, plus to service tyranny. I’ve driven it up to 30 miles w/o issue and it rides like new. It was worth the $800 purchase price (with great interior and exterior!), plus $550 parts.

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$3,018 – $6,482
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