US Company Converts Mazda MX-5 into Retro Speedster without a Windshield

US Company Transform Original Mazda MX-5 into a Timeless Speedster with No Windscreen

As the saying goes, everything old is new again, and that phrase certainly applies to a stunning conversion that American car restorer Workshop 5001 has made of the classic Mazda MX-5. This iconic sports car has been expertly revamped by the company to transform it into a sleek and stylish speedster, complete with an open cockpit and a complete absence of the windscreen. The result is a head-turning, classic sports car that brings back the glory days of racing in a truly inspiring way.

A Passion for Classic Car Restoration

Based in California, Workshop 5001 is a company that is passionate about restorations of classic vehicles from a wide range of eras. The owner of the company, Marlon Goldberg, is an avid classic car enthusiast who specializes in finding unique and rare models in need of a little TLC, and restoring them to their former glory. With his expert team of automotive craftsmen, Goldberg has gained a reputation for turning out stunning vehicles with exceptional aesthetics and incredible driving dynamics.

Engineering a Classic Transformation

One of Workshop 5001’s most recent projects was to transform the original Mazda MX-5 into a bespoke speedster that is sure to catch the eye of all who see it. The team stripped the car back to its bare bones and worked from there, retaining the original door panels, trunk, and hood, but custom fabbing many of the exterior parts, including a handmade aluminum hood scoop and a body-colored roll hoop.

A Key Cut for the Ultimate Open-Air Experience

The most dramatic improvement, however, was the conversion of the car’s hardtop into an open cockpit, complete with no windscreen. This modification required a great deal of engineering skill, and the Workshop 5001 team had to make sure that the cut was in just the right place to avoid structural instability. The recently trimmed B-pillar was cut down to make the best of the MX-5’s performance and styling, resulting in a beautiful open-air driving experience.

Attention to Detail for a Classic Design

The Workshop 5001 team took great care with the details of the car, including a beautiful Piano Black finish for the roll hoop and a simple but elegant steering wheel that provides both functionality and elegance. The car’s interior has been refreshed with houndstooth upholstery, adding a touch of classic style and class to the car’s already stylish design. The team’s efforts have resulted in a beautiful car that recalls the golden age of racing and driving, but with modern updates that make it a true pleasure on the road.

A Timeless Sports Car for Modern Times

The result of Workshop 5001’s work is a stunning car that looks just as at home on a racetrack as it does cruising around town. If you’re looking for the ultimate driving experience, then this bespoke Mazda MX-5 speedster is certainly worth considering. Expect to turn heads wherever you go in this stunning car, as it pays homage to the classic design of a bygone era, while still keeping up with modern driving standards.
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