Test Drive Opel Combo Life review

Opel Combo Life can be bought for 19,995 euros. But then it is such a basic version that definitely does not fit the role of a dream machine. With a more advanced kit, more horses under the hood and a new automatic gearbox, Combo is transformed. But the price also overstepped 30,000 euros. It’s too expensive for a van. Our test car is equipped with 1.5 diesel engine with a capacity of 130 horsepower and automatic transmission. In addition, there are original “buns” and interior design in an innovative style. If more, it means: Climate control, good multimedia system, connection to the smartphone and touch screen. There is even a second sliding door to the left for passengers and individual seats in the second row. This triple backrest combined with a folding passenger seat next to the driver (available optionally for 300 euros) transforms Combo Life into an extremely versatile specialist. When folding the backs of the seat also go down; Mechanics works smoothly and pleasantly. The trunk partition is a tricky way to divide it into compartments, the straps go sideways and do not interfere – so it is easy to achieve universality. The only pity is that the upholstery of the front seats is made without love: they do not support the body and are not suitable for large distances.

Or in Opel together with the driver sit four passengers (and still places for knees enough, and for a head-that pache), or by a way of a hand in the car is placed even extremely bulky cargo in length to 2.70 meters. In general, in the case of folded seats the cargo volume equals 2126 liters. It is pure, more offers only Ducato & Co. And these are real trucks. To be honest, Opel is also a bit like a truck in terms of driving. Although the suspension works well on uneven irregularities. But otherwise Combo does not cope very well with the slight roughness of the asphalt. The high roof easily rolls, and relatively flat 17-inch tires could move more smoothly sewer grids. The noise level is quite high. I hear the engine knocking. He is subject to the entire repertoire of the truck: vibration, roar, hum-all in stock. On the highway the wind whistles, tires rustling.

On the Autobahn Opel does not shine temperament, and all because of the long gears and high construction. Faster 180 km/hour it does not accelerate, but it does not matter, because at lower speeds it feels excellent: the movement on the straight is given to him easily, fuel consumption is small. High roof and weight of 1600 kg (without cargo) do not lead to increased consumption-our inspection showed 6.4 L. In turns, the center of gravity, shifted upward, is to turn the car outward through the front wheels. The fact that Combo works on defense, not on attack, manifests itself in the brakes. The braking distance of 35 meters from the speed of 100 km/h to complete stop fully meets the requirements of time and class. Even the one who during the driving “considers the crow” and with delay on the brakes, will have time to stop. From this point of view, Opel was exactly the car on a glance.

Opel Combo Innovation with the help of modern automatics and good equipment wants to be both attractive car, and at the same time freight. But it outweighs, of course, cargo.

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