Rolls-Royce belonging to Michael Caine auctions for nearly $250,000

Michael Caine’s Rolls-Royce sells for almost $250,000 at auction

Michael Caine’s 1967 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce has sold for almost $250,000 at auction. The car was expected to fetch between $92,000 and $122,000, but its provenance as one of Hollywood’s most famous cars helped push the price up. The car was used by Caine for six years and featured in the 1972 film, “The Italian Job”.

The Car

The 1967 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce was designed by the legendary automotive designer, John Blatchley. It was intended to bridge the gap between the classical styling of early Rolls-Royce cars and the modern design that was beginning to emerge in the 1960s. With its sleek lines and contemporary look, the Silver Shadow soon became one of the most iconic cars of its time.

Caine’s Use of the Car

Michael Caine purchased the Rolls-Royce in 1970 and owned it for six years. During that time, it became his personal vehicle and he was often seen driving it around London. The car’s most famous appearance, however, was in the 1972 film “The Italian Job”. The iconic scene, in which the car is involved in a high-speed chase through the streets of Turin, helped cement its place in automotive history.

The Sale

The car was sold by Bonhams at the Goodwood Revival Sale in Sussex, England. The auction attracted a number of bidders keen to own a piece of Hollywood history. The final bid of almost $250,000 was significantly higher than the pre-auction estimate of between $92,000 and $122,000.

The Future

It’s unclear who the buyer of the car is or what their plans for it are. It’s possible that it will be a private collector looking to protect and preserve the car’s history. Alternatively, it could be a business looking to leverage the car’s cultural significance to attract customers or generate publicity. Whatever its future, it’s clear that the 1967 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce will remain an iconic piece of automotive history for many years to come.


Michael Caine’s 1967 Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce has sold for almost $250,000 at auction. Its connection to one of Hollywood’s most iconic films helped push the price up significantly, making it one of the most sought-after automotive collectibles in recent years. While the original owner may no longer be behind the wheel, the car’s legacy as a piece of automotive and film history lives on.
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