“Peugeot Recalls 2021-2022 3008 and 508 Plug-In Hybrids over Fire Hazard”

Peugeot, the French car manufacturer, has issued a recall for its plug-in hybrid vehicles, the 2021-2022 Peugeot 3008 GT Sport SUV and 508 GT sedan, due to two separate battery system faults that could increase the risk of a fire. The recall affects up to 108 examples of the two models in Australia and includes two separate recalls. The first recall involves a manufacturing issue with the high-voltage battery reinforcing plate and battery cover, which may not have been coated with a protective wax. As a result, if water intrudes, there is a risk of perforation or corrosion, which could weaken the battery and lead to a breakdown or a fire, resulting in possible death or injury to vehicle occupants, other road users or bystanders.

The second recall relates to a battery management system software error. Due to a software program error, the battery management system software may cause the high voltage battery to overheat and emit smoke, increasing the risk of a fire while the vehicle is being recharged and/or in use. Peugeot has accordingly advised owners of affected vehicles to contact their preferred authorised Peugeot dealer or the Australian Peugeot customer service team to have the work carried out as soon as possible, free of charge.

A full list of the affected vehicles’ identification numbers is available on Peugeot’s website. The company has requested the owners of affected vehicles to contact their dealerships or customer service as soon as possible for prompt servicing. Vehicle recalls are not unique to Peugeot, as many car manufacturers have similarly experienced recalls of their vehicles due to faults or defects, which could increase the risk of fire or accidents. Therefore, such recalls are a routine occurrence in the automotive industry.

Peugeot Australia has demonstrated a commitment to customer safety with this recall and has acted quickly and transparently in response to the concerns. As a result, the inconvenience and risks from the recall have been effectively mitigated, minimizing any adverse effects and restoring customer confidence in the brand. The company’s approach to managing these issues can serve as an example for other automobile manufacturers, as it can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust. In conclusion, vehicle recalls play an essential role in maintaining customer safety, and the proactive handling of such recalls is critical to brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

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