Owner Review of the 2022 Ford Escape ST-Line

In December 2022, Luke found himself in the market for a new car after his 2019 Ford Focus ST-Line was written off. Having always been a fan of the Ford Escape, this was the perfect opportunity for him to upgrade.

One of the standout features for Luke was the added height of the Escape. After being pushed off the road in his Focus, the extra height gave him added confidence. He was also impressed with how smooth the car was and how it drove similarly to his old car, but with added power.

The technology in the Escape is superb, especially with the ST-Line pack that Luke added for an extra $2k. The heads-up display, power boot, heated seats, and adaptive LED headlights are just some of the features that impressed him.

Fuel efficiency was also surprisingly good for Luke, with the Escape easily getting near 1000km to a tank of premium fuel on the highway and around 650km around town. After doing just over 10,000km, the Escape’s average fuel consumption was 7.5L/100km mixed with freeway, city, and town driving.

While Luke wishes the Escape had part leather seats and a sunroof, he doesn’t miss them as much as he thought he would. Additionally, with the news that Escapes are no longer coming to Australia, Luke feels lucky to have owned such an underrated car that stands out from the likes of the CX-5 and the RAV-4.

As a car detailer, Luke was impressed with how well the Escape held up after 10,000km, thanks to the front being done with PPF. He was also pleased with Ford’s service benefits, such as a locked-in $299 deal with a loan car and seven years’ roadside assistance.

Overall, Luke is thrilled with his purchase of the 2022 Ford Escape ST-Line. He loves the extra height, power, technology, and fuel efficiency, and feels fortunate to have owned such a unique car in the Australian market.

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