New Citroen C5 Aircross SUV review

The European version of the car class SUV C5 Aircross will appear in Germany in February 2019 year. The variant for the Chinese market is available already since 2017 and differs from the European some details. The basis of this SUV mid-class car is the EMP2 platform, which is the property of the concern, and is therefore technically similar to Peugeot 5008, Opel grandland X and DS 7. When developing the model Aircross, which previously had larger dimensions, the model, according to the project manager, was a car Hyundai Tucson. The advanced comfort system of premium comfort with hydraulic travel limiters should make the model C5 crossback the best cars of its class in the matter of comfort, not forgetting the former merits of this brand. And during the first trip, the undercarriage could really prove it to us. This Frenchman of a serial sample differs soft riding, as if on a fluffy carpet, and noticeably more smooth depreciation in comparison with competitors.

In general, the design is distinguished by modesty. The high front part of the body with dual headlights looks, of course, bright enough. The running lights resemble eyebrows. On the front shock absorber and lateral plastic rejkah installed linings Airbumps, which in the case of the model C5 Aircross rather create a visual effect of the SUV, than perform the protective function of the body. Buyers can personalize this SUV class car in a variety of ways. The salon was also purposefully focused on comfort. The seats are located near the damping system and the “Advanced Comfort” noise-insulating element and, according to the “Citroën” company, should be especially comfortable. Under the touch screen are stationary buttons and a stand with an induction charger for smartphones.

The volume of the trunk of this Frenchman varies from 580 to 720 liters, which is the highest indicator within the class. The infotainment system is managed via the touch screen, but the buttons are provided for direct selection of functions. In addition, the car C5 Aircross has the possibility of induction charging smartphones. In total, this SUV class car has 20 driver assistance systems, including, for example, an adaptive cruise control system and an emergency braking assistance system.

Depending on the complete set, all engines, with the exception of a small petrol engine, come with a well-known automatic transmission EAT8. The manual gearbox has six steps. At the end of 2019 year on the market should appear plug-hybrid car with a capacity of 300 horsepower. Since February 2019 the model C5 Crossback, constructed in Rennes (France), is going to the German dealers of “Citroën” company. The starting price for a model with a small petrol engine is 23 290 euros. For the option with a more powerful diesel engine (180 horsepower) will have to give 32 890 euros.
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