Mitsubishi Tempts Holden Owners with $1000 to Purchase Their New Vehicles

Football, meat pies, kangaroos, and Mitsubishi cars – four things that are undeniably Australian. However, in recent years, one of these things has been struggling to remain relevant in the Australian automotive market. Mitsubishi, the Japanese car manufacturer, has been facing a 30% sales slide in Australia so far this year. To combat this, Mitsubishi Australia has launched a bold marketing strategy – offering $1000 gift cards to Holden owners who trade-in their old car for a new Mitsubishi.

Holden, once the most popular car brand on Australian roads, has seen a significant decline in its market share since its closure in 2020. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost 1.5 million Holdens remained registered on Australian roads in 2021 – making it the second-most popular car brand in the country behind Japanese giant Toyota. With the closure of Holden’s Elizabeth factory in South Australia in 2017, and General Motors’ decision to axe the brand in 2020, the number of registered Holdens on Australian roads has likely fallen since 2021.

Mitsubishi hopes that by targeting Holden owners, they can reverse their sales slump and boost their market share in one of the most popular car markets in the world. The incentive is designed to encourage Holden owners to try out Mitsubishi’s range of cars, including the ASX, Eclipse Cross, Outlander, Pajero Sport, and Triton. However, unlike traditional promotions, customers who trade-in their old car for a new Mitsubishi must apply for the $1000 gift card via an online form after purchasing the new vehicle. The scheme will run for almost a year – until 31 March 2024 – for private buyers and ABN holders who own a registered Holden and purchase a new Mitsubishi at a participating dealership.

The offer is open to any registered Holden, regardless of the model or age of the car, giving Mitsubishi access to a potentially vast market. Furthermore, buyers who refer another Holden owner to the scheme may also be eligible for an extra $250 gift card, though this double-dip bonus is only available once per customer.

Mitsubishi’s marketing strategy is a bold move, but one that could pay off in the long run. By targeting Holden owners, the company hopes to tap into a market that has been left behind by traditional car manufacturers who are focusing on electric vehicles and other emerging technologies. Whether the offer will be enough to entice Holden owners to trade-in their beloved vehicles remains to be seen, but with $1000 gift cards on the table, it’s certainly worth considering.

In conclusion, Mitsubishi’s decision to offer $1000 gift cards to Holden owners who trade-in their old car for a new Mitsubishi is a bold marketing strategy designed to boost the company’s sales in Australia. By targeting one of the most popular car brands on Australian roads, Mitsubishi hopes to reverse their 30% sales slide and establish themselves as a dominant force in the Australian automotive market. It remains to be seen whether the offer will be enough to entice Holden owners to switch to a Mitsubishi, but with the automotive industry rapidly evolving, it’s an option that’s worth considering.
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