In search of the best car A-Klasse

We are not computer specialists, we will present you a general impression, but let’s start with a new type of management system, which is currently the most modern in the industry. Remember when you first started using your smartphone? The same sensation is also caused by new technical equipment. Each click, each touch in the new application inherent the beauty of the novelty-even if at first the majority of it certainly caused some difficulties. Some actions sometimes require more than one attempt, but when you find what you want, you make sure that everything is subordinate to logic and ingenious simplicity. Mercedes makes it easy for us to learn by installing three management options. Controlling by a central touchscreen, like on a smartphone, is the simplest way, but requires attention. The touch control on the regulator in the central console, on the contrary, functions almost “blindly” and reacts to tactile presses. Also with the right touch button on the steering wheel you can give commands by pressing or holding a finger; The left button is operated by a digital combination device, which is available in both small and large formats. Thirdly, the car provides voice control, voice assistants à la Siri or Alexa understand already whole sentences. The phrases “I’m cold” are enough to turn on the heating. The novelties include the Head-up-display (1178 euro) and the augmented reality display for the navigation system (297 euro), which can be controlled and can be adjusted in three ways using the button on the Steering wheel, and which is the world’s first system of this kind. It shows the image of the camera in the direction of movement and puts in the picture the real reality of the arrows that indicate the departures or turns.

Advice when buying: pay due attention to the modern technical features of the car A-Klasse. At first they are impressive, but after a while they become a part of everyday life – like a smartphone. From a visual point of view, the new line of W177 adheres to the traditions of its stocky predecessor, the Silhouette model. The designers smoothed some folds and extended the car a little. Advantages of increased space are used, in particular, the rear part of the cabin and luggage compartment. The front, as before, everything is done exactly in size. Each driver will take its place without any problems, but you will not find much space for freedom of movement. Avoid additional sports seats. In the editorial office all the colleagues complained about their strongly protruding integral headrests, which cannot be adjusted.

For the visual sensation of free space meets a particularly narrow instrument panel, the prestige of which is enhanced by various types of décor and palette of colors from almost 64 shades, as is characteristic of cars of this brand. Not resistant to scratching shiny plastic center console, which does not give the salon a noble atmosphere, always close to you. Just in the middle of the field of view, on the safety cushion on the steering wheel, there is the emblem “Mercedes”, which seems to be a kind of toy element and is the only detail in the cabin, which has a dark chromium plating, besides it is located on an ugly grainy reflective plate made of durable plastic – it looks strange. In other respects the steering wheel functions very qualitatively, and on tactile sensations reminds a sports steering wheel. Overall sporty appearance can not but like, but if you dig deeper, often there are restrictions due to small clearance and noticeable thresholds.

In general, the manufacturer was able to comply with the fundamental criteria of the company “Mercedes”, which in everyday life provide the value of cars of this brand. Due to its novelty the model A-Klasse surpasses all previous Benz cars. The exact estimate could not be given because the test vehicle set high criteria. Only small things, such as a detonation petrol engine with direct injection or lack of internal fairing on the window frame on the door, are conspicuous.
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