Honda launches a new CR-V as a hybrid version review

Honda launches a new CR-V as a hybrid. Most of all it is similar to the drive with auxiliary propulsion, which BMW installs in its i3. While the electric motor with the power of 184 hp with torque 315 N · m leads the car in motion, the internal combustion engine Volume 2 liters and a power of 145 hp in most cases serves only as a source of electricity. In everyday use, there are more options available, as the system called I-MMD (intelligent Multi-Mode Drive, intelligent multiple-mode drive) offers a total of three modes, which we tested on trial.

In EV mode, which is activated at the touch of a button, Honda rides exclusively at the expense of electricity. But the charge of lithium-ion battery will suffice only for some two kilometers. In hybrid mode, the gasoline engine is connected as a generator and provides the drive motor with energy. If the electricity is generated more, it is sent to charge the battery. Only in rare cases the Honda CR-V operates purely from the petrol engine, connecting it directly to the drive, bypassing the electric motor-mainly at speeds in the range of 80-100 km/h. Switching from one engine to another is almost unnoticeable.

The petrol engine reacts quite noisily to the gas pedal. And the Active Sound Control system saves only partly. The sport mode is designed to improve the response of the engine to the accelerator pedal, but in a real situation on the road it is not very noticeable that, in the other, is not a big problem: as it is found in the electric motors, a car weighing 1.7 tons and so Well accelerates, and on the front drive from the place dials 100 km/hour for 8.8 seconds (on the full drive-9.2).

The trunk has become smaller in volume compared to the gasoline version of the car due to the fact that some part of its space under the floor occupied by batteries: its volume is 497 liters (instead of 561 liters), with folded seats-1694 liters. Even on the road, the CR-V hybrid behaves just like its brother on an internal combustion engine. The steering is precise and straight enough, the suspension is comfortable. Even long distances are not a problem. The body is tougher than its predecessor. It remains to mention the prices. When Honda CR-V arrives in salons on February 16, 2019, it will be available in four versions: basic with front drive costs from 32,290 euros, the most expensive model-Executive-from 43,590 euros. Depending on the equipment on board can also be familiar assistive systems and amenities such as assistant, connecting smartphones with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, display with the windshield, adaptive speed control, Recognition of road signs, trunk door with electric drive and much more.
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