Honda Jazz becomes hybrid and crossover

We have already found out that the new Honda Jazz will only be sold in hybrid version in Europe. Here it receives the additional name e: HEV, a designation that spreads to all future electrified models from Honda.

Another news with Jazz is that it will be a crossover variant of it, called Crosstar. Here the occupants sit higher up and the car has its own design on the front, water resistant upholstery and integrated roof rails.


Via the infotainment system, you can wirelessly connect your smartphone to the car through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

The front seats have grown in width and are constructed in a way that will reduce the fatigue in the back during long car journeys. Even the rear seat passengers can enjoy better seating comfort with thicker seat cushions.

The fuel tank sits under the front seats, which, according to Honda, is unique to the class. In this way, they have been able to retain the finesse with their “magic seats” where the rear seat cushion can be folded up like cinema chairs for better loading possibilities.

The security systems have been improved with more wide angle and better camera resolution that replaces the previous camera and radar set. The car can now recognize road edges without markings or curbs. The auto brake system has been improved and can detect pedestrians and cyclists in the dark. The car also automatically brakes if oncoming vehicles cut into the road. The adaptive cruise control with file holding assistant works at low speeds in both car queues and on the highway.

New Honda Jazz will go on sale in Europe in mid-2020.

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