Car maintenance in winter not only involves replacement of tires, but also buying a whole list of things. Rope Our advice-do not save and buy for the winter a reliable, sturdy rope. Firstly, much less the probability that it will break when someone will pull you out of the trap. Secondly, even if it is […]

In the autumn a great danger potholes and pits, camouflaged with leaves trees obletevshimi. In addition, fallen foliage, especially in the morning when it was still covered with dew, can turn into glass even perfect tarmac. Experts found that the adhesion coefficient on this cover are considerably lower than on the ice. This means that […]

Some say that there is no summer and winter car wipers. Others, on the contrary, assured in this Division for the season. Quality always depends on the brand? Car wipers I’d shared on the “for all seasons” and “winter”. All-season Car wipers, is any brush frameless or hybrid design. In the majority of such brushes not […]

The middle of summer is the best time to go on a trip for the whole family. Car trip gives a feeling of freedom: you can choose any direction to discover unknown roads and amazing places. However, you must remember, that during such rest car are often at much higher loads than usual. Way to […]

Let’s start with the design. SUV class cars are still at the peak of popularity, but in their shadow small cars-vans, which are called “Light Commercial Vehicles” (LCV), were pulled forward according to the statistics of the authorities on the admission of vehicles to operation. The Citroën car tries to visually combine both classes. The […]

Special tests require special personnel. For this trip in order to test the battery consumption of the Hyundai Kona, the German magazine “AUTO BILD” has chosen a driver with special skills. Jan Tiden (54 years) has been a member of the editorial board of the car Test since 1992. Yang has the patience and special […]

The European version of the car class SUV C5 Aircross will appear in Germany in February 2019 year. The variant for the Chinese market is available already since 2017 and differs from the European some details. The basis of this SUV mid-class car is the EMP2 platform, which is the property of the concern, and […]

Honda launches a new CR-V as a hybrid. Most of all it is similar to the drive with auxiliary propulsion, which BMW installs in its i3. While the electric motor with the power of 184 hp with torque 315 N · m leads the car in motion, the internal combustion engine Volume 2 liters and […]

We are not computer specialists, we will present you a general impression, but let’s start with a new type of management system, which is currently the most modern in the industry. Remember when you first started using your smartphone? The same sensation is also caused by new technical equipment. Each click, each touch in the new […]

Opel Combo Life can be bought for 19,995 euros. But then it is such a basic version that definitely does not fit the role of a dream machine. With a more advanced kit, more horses under the hood and a new automatic gearbox, Combo is transformed. But the price also overstepped 30,000 euros. It’s too […]