Best car I’ve ever had & I’ve owned over 10 thru the years: sedans, minivans, 2 sports cars, GMs, Fords, Kias, Renault, Chrysler, etc. The prius has very,very low maintenance costs. Gets 50.7 MPG (I’ve never reset the “B” tripometer & like to let it go) thru 44k miles highway & city. Nice drive. […]

So the 1996-2002 generation 3 toyota 4runner’s are all mostly the same, depending on your package. Basic , limited and SR5. The Sr5 2wd v6 3.4l is in 1998,is almost the beesKnees of the non-luxury vehicle market. Not a gass guzzler as long as you take care of it. It’s kinda funny when you go […]

This vehicle was purchased to ensure capable movement of our RV. The engine runs strong, the frame and suspension handle the load with ease and it is just a pure joy to drive. It has the 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine and not pulling a load gets approx. 17mpg around town and just under 20 Hiway. […]

In the autumn-winter period, staff car washes often offer customers processing machine body hard wax. According to them, this will protect the body from almost everything. But in reality whether the hard wax is effective? Here is his advice for washing cars and training bodies to voskovaniju and/or polishing: Use warm soapy water mixed with […]

One of the reasons for the high mortality on roads is ignorance of the rules of conduct in emergency situations. The car sinks We present you a selection of tips written by the specialists of the rescue service of the Ministry for emergency situations. First of all, it is desirable to have in the car […]

Less total questions arise from owners own garages. Here everything is more or less clear. In the evening, has driven the car in the garage and went home with peace of mind. But what about the less fortunate motorists? Really, is there any advantage in storing machines, on the so-called-“protected” parking lot, or not worth […]

It also happens that even winter liquid freezes. What to do in this case? Introducing 7 defrosting methods system washing of glasses in the car: 1) the easiest way is to put a car in a heated garage or even underground parking. Better at night. 2) Leaving a car on the premises will not be […]

If you are in the middle of a meeting or consciously set off protest by car: -Going to the danger area on the car, it is advisable to fill the full tank. -In the car it is better to have a thermos with tea or coffee and something to eat. -Move groups. Minimum 3-4 the […]

Many motorists like the smell of a new car. But did you know that this fragrance can even lead to hormonal changes in the human body? Foundation trim make up details that are made of plastic with the addition of adhesive and sealant substances. They may contain organic compounds like xylene or phenol, which are […]

Some drivers believe that buying a new winter tires for a used car is a waste of money. However, the use of worn winter tires, which ends with a period of exploitation, poses a serious threat to security on the road. “Security must be in the first place, particularly when children are in the car. […]