Volvo Autonomous Solutions is the name of the Volvo Group’s newly formed business area, which is aimed at customers in the mining industry, as well as freight transport between logistics centers and in ports. Volvo trucks have already shown various transport solutions for heavy traffic, including the electric vehicle Vera, which without any person at […]

Hydrogen operation acts as a range extender for the already existing electric powertrain in the vans. At best, it can triple the range to up to 35 miles for Master and 37 miles for Kangoo. The hydrogen tank is located under the car and thus does not encroach on cargo space. However, the weight increases […]

The rear doors of the MX-30 are hung in the rear and Mazda chooses to call it “freestyle doors”. This should bring your mind to the sports car RX-8. The name MX-30 comes from the dimensions of just over 4.40 meters in length reminiscent of the Mazda CX-30 crossover. The 35.5 kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery […]

Instead of a traditional internal combustion engine, the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech has a gas turbine engine, which acts as a generator. Thus, it does not power the wheels, but is used as a range extender and charges the batteries, which in turn drive the electric motors that sit on each wheel.   The advantages of using […]

Levorg is equipped with the latest version of the Subaru driver support system EyeSight. Among other things, it consists of a new stereo camera with wider viewpoint and four radars that together provide a 360-degree view around the car. The car brake now works even in low light or when turning at an intersection. Under […]

We have already found out that the new Honda Jazz will only be sold in hybrid version in Europe. Here it receives the additional name e: HEV, a designation that spreads to all future electrified models from Honda. Another news with Jazz is that it will be a crossover variant of it, called Crosstar. Here […]

In the Lexus LF-30 Electrified Concept, an electric motor works on each wheel. The special “steer-by-wire” technology means that there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheel. In this way, Lexus thinks it is easier to steer clear of the steering wheel if the car goes into self-driving mode. The driver’s […]

Some sections of German motorways have free speed. But for environmental reasons, the environmental party Die Grünen wished that it would only be allowed to drive a maximum of 130 kilometers per hour on the Autobahn. They filed a motion in the German Parliament Bundestag, but after voting it turned out that the proposal for […]

The hamlet has fallen from the eighth generation of Volkswagen Golf in Wolfsburg. The model name is now centered on the tailgate and the headlights have Matrix LED technology in the front. The driving environment is largely digitized and controlled via clicks, sweeps or voice control. The semi-self-propelled system is capable of moving the car […]