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Best Luxury Sport Coupes – ranked by our experts 2023-2024

Best Luxury Sport Coupes – The best vehicles on the road, ranked by our experts:

#1 – Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet has really upped their game with the new hard top convertible Corvette!!!! I could not recommend this car for somebody in the market more! I’ve had 30 Corvettes, since I’m 16 years old… Going on 50 in this 23 Corvette is the best yet!

Love our 2022 Corvette Stingray best sports car to drive, would of liked a choice of a standard shift, but the hand paddles work fine. In tour mode you feel like your not in a sports car wonderful ride. So much fun to drive in sport mode. I can’t say how much I luv this car wonderful thought out sports car. Interior is fabulous.

#2 – Porsche 911

911 C2 Carrera S is everything and more than I could have wanted, The car is so enjoyable to drive that I often find myself smiling or laughing at how incredible and usable the performance is. It makes you feel like a better driver than you are. All specifications are on line so I won’t mention them however I will discuss how those number translate in the real world. O-60 and 60-0 are easily achieved without drama. The brakes are so strong that I find myself occasionally looking in the rear view mirror hoping the car behind me left enough braking room. 4 wheel steering is a must purchase option. Lane changes at highway speeds and above are telepathic, no body lean, no upset to the chassis, just rock solid performance. Interior is pleasant but not luxurious considering the price. Sound levels are rather high at around town speeds but fade away on the highway. Storage is adequate thanks to the small back seat which can never be used for a human over 4 ft tall. I have noticed when the temp drops below 45 degrees the tires have a hard time keeping contact during rapid acceleration from stand still. This is typical of summer tires however makes me think maybe I should have opted for the 4S. Update…Car now has 4K miles . Still agree with my original review. Had the car on the track finally and it was superb. Few stock vehicles can keep up with it. Steering feedback is excellent, you can feel when your approaching the limits of adhesion. Brakes are powerful. I could late brake into a turn well after other vehicles were on their binders. Rained in the afternoon which gave me the opportunity to test wet mode on the track. Once again the car amazes. All but 2 cars pitted during the storm but my Porsche felt planted. You can’t imagine the performance capability of this vehicle until you bring it to the track. 8K update…All the above still apply. Car has experiences many service bulletins and engine mounts needed to be replaced on a recall. Not surprised as this was a very early build. Now for some negatives 1) Why no AM radio band? Ludicrous on a car of this cost they couldn’t include AM radio, 2) Programming the garage door opener is a nightmare. Why cant they follow the other divisions (Volkswagen,Audi) software which is easily programed. 3) Customer support from Porsche USA online or via telephone is pathetic, as is their vehicles owners manual. Phone customer service representatives just repeat whats in the owners manual which is weak at best. 11K update. Car is telepathic on the track, throttle oversteer is easy to dial in. 27 mpg on the highway. Still impressed by its capability. If you purchase this vehicle and never track it, you’ll be missing 80% of its capability . One negative track occurrence is with windows down as required at the track wind turbulence and harmonic sound is unacceptable. Can’t believe Porsche never ran this vehicle at 100 mph with the windows down Small air deflectors placed by the outside mirrors is the answer. Shame on Porsche for not realizing this short coming. The fix cost me $120 plus installation. 15K update….Still reliable, Maintenance is EXPENSIVE. Rotors were 5k. Front tires were’nt wearing well, had some camber and caster adjustments done, problem solved. 20K update. More of the same great performance and owner satisfaction. PCA track instructors constantly marvel at the capability of a stock 991 S C2. No service issues causing down time as of yet. 23K, All good, sticking with all prior comments, Never mentioned car is easy to get in and out of unlike other sports cars, same goes for visibility which is excellent as opposed to my C8 Corvette

#3 – Porsche 718 Cayman

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first; this is my first Porsche, so I can’t do the sound comparison – I’m happy, but I can’t compare to “back in the day.” What I can say is that this is one fine, well-built, high performing vehicle. This car simply attracted me, especially after I couldn’t find much else that appealed to me. Several makes and models seemed to be going for luxury at the expense of performance. I’ve always preferred cars that I drove, rather than ones that drove me. And those were getting increasingly difficult to find. I’ve always driven manual transmissions, and several “sport sedans” and even “sport cars” were abandoning them. So I plunked down a deposit in mid-July, knowing I wouldn’t get it until around the first of December. It was worth the wait. Is the Porsche 718 Cayman inexpensive? No. But it’s also not cheap, either. This is a well put together car with very good materials. It has an intelligent layout that is pretty darn intuitive and easy to understand. It has the smoothest shifting of any of my previous ten cars. I’d always wondered if a car can really feel like “it corners on rails”; now I know one can. The handling of this car, and its responsiveness, is what I’d dream about if I dreamed about “the ultimate car.” I wanted a car that would be just plain fun to drive on meandering country roads, and now I’ve got it. We’ve all had that one car we felt connected to – I had mine in my late 20s. But this Cayman looks like it will rival, and likely surpass, that connection. I suspect that in a very short time I will know what the car will do, and it will know what I’m up to. I’ve only had that one other car that generated that level of trust. And the look of this car is stunning (and with better lines than the previous Caymans). Also, a plug for Sun Motor Cars in Pennsylvania, an excellent dealership, is in order. So let’s sum it up: looks, handling, the fun quotient, comfort, acceleration, a (gasp!) car with a manual transmission, that feeling of connection, a car that exudes thoughtful class and excellence – yes, this new Cayman checks all the boxes for me. One. Fine. Vehicle.

#4 – BMW 8 Series

I believe the 8 series is the best looking of the bunch. I opted for the 840i coupe with the inline 6. There is plenty of HP and tons of torque when driven in either comfort or sports mode. Besides I prefer a BMW which sips fuel vs guzzles. On my daily commute over a 5 day period and 250 miles I am getting 28 mpg. Mostly city driving. I purchased this car with every option available in Tanzanite blue. It’s a real head turners and I receive lots of compliments. This car is comfortable and very safe given all the driver safety features. My only complaint is the rough ride with the all season run flats on the “ M” sports wheels. Any dip in the road, and you will feel it. My neighborhood had spaced speed bumps and speeds over 20 mph will make the car feel bottom out. The car is no light weight at 4000 lbs. My suggestion is to stiffen up the suspension in the custom settings. Other than this nuance, this car is very luxurious, quiet in the cabin and has a killer sound system. One last thing to add which you will read in other online reviews is the price tag on the 840i. At $95K there is a plethora of performance vehicles to choose from. But in my opinion don’t look as cool as the BMW 8 series.


#5 – BMW M4

Have a 2020 Porsche Carrera and my new BMW M4 xdrive convertible blows it away. The BMW quality is on par with Porsche but is more comfortable and responsive. Could not be happier with my purchase!

Just got my 2024 M4 manual after waiting 9 months. Love the smooth and powerful ride. Personally, I love the M grill and it was one of the main attractions for me. Also one of the few available cars offered in manual transmission. Seats leg bolsters a little tight and bothersome. I am a slim guy and this was still narrow and not adjustable. Waiting to finish the break-in service so I can really push the revs. Only wish the exhaust note had more pops and crackle like my old supra.


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