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Best Large Trucks – ranked by our experts 2023-2024

Best Large Trucks – The best vehicles on the road, ranked by our experts:

#1 – Ford F-150

This is by far the most user friendly truck iv’e ever bought from Ford and iv’e owned probably owned 8 F150’s. Zero problems so far except for the 2 recalls that i wasn’t even having a problem with. Gas mileage is 21.9 on the hwy which is good but not what i hear and read other people are getting. I actually look forward to climbing into this truck and driving it. This trucks pulls my trailers so well that i almost forget that i’m pulling a trailer. To be honest with you i’m still finding things out that this truck can do. The only thing that i wish Ford would do is furnish a really good manual with color pictures instead of the old B&W manuals they ‘v supplied for years. Surely a nice manual can’t be that expensive especially for what they are getting in cost to buyers to purchase their trucks I had to put the wrong model because my truck wasn’t listed. Mine is a King Ranch Eco Boost 3.5 v-6

I’m a third generation Ford truck owner and this is the 4th Ford truck I’ve owned. These trucks are reliable and hardworking just like me. These new trucks are not only tough but they are comfortable and so technically advanced. With every truck I’ve bought I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well thought out these trucks are being built. Great job FORD!

#2 – Ram 1500

I have the Limited black knight edition and this truck is by far the best truck I have ever owned…RAM’s attention to detail is unbelievable and features that this truck offers is so much more than any other competitor…For the price, This truck beats anything out there…Mileage is superb too when driving on freeways at almost 21 MPG. Love my truck inside & outside!!

We love our 22 ram big horn quad cab with the hemi 5.7. Have the off road pkg so it has some rugged features. Lt tires, tow hooks, 3.92 gears, skid guards, rear diff lock, etc. This our 4th ram, 2nd of the new generation, first being the 19. Have been leasing them. No problems with our current 22, rock solid inside and out. The uconnect 5 is a little dicey, weather app has not worked, otherwise it’s good. Nice and quiet comfortable interior, and great looking exterior. Great performance with the hemi, high teens for mpg on the highway. Have used out truck in extremely hot and cold snowy weather and it does great. Enjoy driving and owning it.

#3 – Toyota Tundra

Bought a limited 4×4 I-force max with TRD off Road package back in June it has been great. I came from a 2016 Tacoma and the power and the 10 speed transmission shifting is far better hands down. I am getting about 16.7 mpg on my in town commute with 35 inch aftermarket tires and 18 inch wheels. There was a slight rattle behind in the plastic on side of the bed but my service department fixed that. My only complaint is I wish the grille surround was color matched instead of aluminum chrome on the limited trim. Probably going to get OEM parts professionally painted and replace that.

Hubby finally pulled the trigger and got me a 23’ Tundra Limited! This truck is GORGEOUS. Ice cap white. I got the tech/lighting package with the upgraded media system and great bed lighting. Plus this awesome side button next to the taillamp that releases the gate. So you could push it with your elbow if your arms were full of cargo or something heavy. Also got the panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated seats.. Told hubby I needed a 4×4 just in case I wanna have some fun 🙂 never hurts to have it! Didn’t get the JBL audio but I think the standard pioneer system gives decent sound for when you’re riding kid free. Lol. I wasn’t sure about air ventilation for my two kids being that we live in south Florida. But they’re always complaining that they’re COLD when we’re driving around so I guess that’s a good thing! The seats are firm but super supportive and comfortable. You feel like you’re in a big diesel truck in this thing. Idk why. Windshield is kind of narrow but still a commanding view. The WHOLE rear window rolls down in classic Toyota style. I didn’t get the hybrid but the engine power is great, just need to give it a little extra punch to feel that booooost! Gas is so/so, been averaging 15mpg. Ride is very smooth for a 4 wheel drive truck. I feel like I’m in an suv. And it doesn’t have the air suspension either. I got the 6.5 bed so you could fit everything and more in there. Everything in the cabin is thoughtfully laid out and practical, with tons of trays, cup holders and a wireless charger. Media system is pretty easy to use. I did notice the wind noise here and there at higher speeds but I’ve had the truck for about 3 weeks and it’s only happened a couple of times. Overall super happy with this beast. Feels like a dream. I think my only gripe is that the side steps and kind of tight to the body so you have to really pay attention when you’re stepping up so that you don’t slip, Went from a nightmare 2018 expedition limited max to this truck. Beautiful suv but a million issues, Ford service is the worst. So glad to be back in a Toyota. You just cannot compare to the solid quality. If your wife has been begging you to get her a truck… GET HER THIS ONE!

#4 – GMC Sierra 1500

My husband and I are been looking for a truck for months to tow our new trailer. We’ve done a lot of comparable and research between GMC, CHEVROLET, RAM, TOYOTA TUNDRA, FORD. We’ve watched a lot of youtube videos for great reviews about all the trucks I mentioned. Towing power is a must for us. So after months of research GMC stands out the best for us. We are thrilled of our brand new Truck, everything we need and looking for our truck has it. We are completely satisfied all and all. V8, 4×4, towing package, high towing capacity, slick smooth sailing engine.

I recently purchased a Denali ultimate and let me tell you it is wonderful! The only reason I upgraded to this truck this was for the super cruise. The super cruise is the wave of the future. The car drives by itself, well almost. It changes lanes, accelerates, decelerates, and does everything else in between. I’m also a big fan of the upgraded interior. It’s, beautiful, modern and luxurious. The best part of this vehicle for me is the 3.0 L diesel. I drive from Memphis to Atlanta every other weekend and i spend a lot of fuel. No one would’ve ever convinced me that you could get 700 miles on a tank of diesel. Wow! I must admit the fuel is roughly a $1.25 higher, but it’s worth it. The ride is also much smoother than the 2021 model.

#5 – Chevrolet Silverado 1500

This is an amazing off road truck. I use it for work. As an agronomist, I need to check crops in all types of weather on dirt roads, unmaintained lanes, tall weeds, sand dunes, driving across tilled fields, and center pivot tracks. This truck can handle mud, steep ditches, as well as sand. The Goodyear Wrangler MT 33” tires work fantastic off road, yet are quiet on freeway. The full front skid plate protects against all types of objects. Seats are very comfortable, plenty of room inside! Technology, cameras are first class. Front and rear lockers really get you out of jams! The new Multimatic shocks really adjust well to tough off road conditions. The 6.2L engine has plenty of power! No issues whatsoever in first 2000 miles. Disadvantages are no front assist park, fuel economy (however not much lower than my 5.3L in Sierra I traded off for ZR2). Chevy needs to have an 30 gallon gas tank! 10 speed automatic transmission is smooth!! Also getting in and out for shorter people can be challenging so running boards/assist steps a must. I have off road high clearance running boards from GM and they are great. For serious off roading, you can’t go wrong with a ZR2.


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