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Best Electric SUVs – ranked by our experts 2023-2024

Best Electric SUVs – The best vehicles on the road, ranked by our experts:

#1 – Kia Niro EV

In the absence of station wagons in the US market, this car is perfect for those who are pragmatic. It has enough space for a medium to large sized dog, plenty of space in the backseats, and driving can be anything from urban crawling to sporty enough. This is lower than SUVs, which is great because when you drive an EV you notice that wind resistance actually does matter. I got my Wind (which has more than enough features) with the Preserve package (heat pump / rear heated seats) and drove it off the lot (including registration) for 40,500. Compared to an ID.4 with similar features, it has a smaller cargo area, but is actually cheaper and is much more efficient. This must be one of the only cars where the EPA numbers are understimated. 3.4 miles/kwh I get when I have a roofbox on top and drive 60 mph. Or when you get on the interstate and go 70. Other than that, it is pretty impossible to get less than 4 m/kwh, which translates to an average range of +/- 300. The slow(er) charging speeds are not an issue for most people. I can live with that because I don’t drive more than 300 miles in one stretch except a few times a year. Roundtrips to places 200 miles away are not an issue – just leave 45 minutes to charge it. So far charging mine at home with level 1, and it is absolutely sufficient. What you get instead is a smaller battery pack (thank you for saving lithium that you never would use) and an efficiency that makes people’s head spin. A Rivian or a Hummer have less efficiency than my old Prius V – what’s the point? I wish the backseat was adjustable forwards and backwards, and that the switch from navigation/media to climate control was not that sensistive – every time I try to turn down down or up the volume, I accidentally turn on auto climate control. That’s it. I like the regen paddles – I drive my car kind of like a manual, which is great. The driving assists can get a bit annoying – lane keep works perfectly, but it comes on over 40 mph, which can get annoying – but all of that can be turned off or on in the car setup. For those who need a spare wheel, they are available on the aftermarket and fit in the back, under floor. This car simply works. I don’t need more. Perfect. When you compare this car, be sure to compare efficiency and similar features. I wanted an ID.4, but I need a heat pump. I looked at the Aryia, but trunk space is not larger. I was looking at a Chevy, but I don’t want a rectabgluar screen in a baroque rounded shape. I do not need an 800 volt system. I do not need to get to 60 in less than 7 seconds. Thanks, KIA, for makiing a practical, pragmatic car that has everything I need. Now, could someone please import a station wagon EV?

#2 – Hyundai Kona Electric

I have the 2021 Kona electric prefer model. 2 negative issues so far!! Breaking system has a definite problem, and Hyundai should look at a recall for this problem. Never heard a sound when test driving or 1st 3 to 4 weeks after purchase. Then every time you touch your breaks you hear a “clunk” sound from the rear brakes! Took it to dealer, they had heard about it, but changes my brakes after 2000 kil. They said this will be a first trial doing this, but did not guarantee it will not come back. 3 weeks later the “clunk sound is back” Hyundai should seriously look at a recall on this problem as it is a pain in the ass to hear this “clunk” every time you touch your breaks on a brand new car!! 2. HEATER!!!! Took Kona in this morning September 20, 2021 for an inspection at 4000 kil and informed them there is not much heat in this car! On most regular cars them temp can go to 30 degrees then to HIGH. In the Kona the maximum temperature is 27 degrees with NO HIGH. I drove 15 minutes to get to the dealer and not much heat in this baby!! The mechanic came to see me and explained that yes the maximum is 27 degrees and NO HIGH, the reason is not to drain the battery to much!! He also explained the regular cars het their heat from the prestone system, but in the electric cars it is only an element that gives the heat!!!! Wow the wife who drives this car is going to LOVE this at -30 degrees this winter!!! But have no fear the mechanic told me” but you can start the car to warm it up before entering the car” I responded “hey dipshit even if the car runs for an hour before getting in it, at -15 to -30 degrees at the little amount of heat coming out presently we will not only still be cold, but will now have even less battery to use as in the winter the battery already drops quite a bit, and now we will have to let the vehicle run to try and get sufficient heat!! I can see it now the wife will be wanting me to get rid of the car the first real cold day we will have!! WAKE UP HYUNDAI, fix these 2 important issues, and the vehicle should be ok pending other things that may occur. If we can’t get enough heat to get through our winters, then stop sending electric cars to CANADA … send them to California where they don’t need heat !!!! The air conditioning system works fine!!!!!

#3 – Chevrolet Bolt EUV

When buying a new or used car, Do your Homework!!! The reason why I gave the Bolt EUV a 2 is Battery warranty only 8 years OR 100,000 miles. Took 3 months to special order. Only Front Wheel Drive, bad for snow covered streets. No frunk in front. Rear trunk hatch is not powered. No auto parrel parking. Super Cruise is free for the first 3 years. But after 3 years must pay a monthly On-Star fee $26 – $35 and told can Only use Super Cruise on interstate roads. Depreciation for a 2022 Bolt is $15,123. N/A for 2023. Wife is a Anti-Cold Bird. Leaving a EV car during the HOT summer months in mid Florida, concern about high temperature inside a closed garage when gone the 5-6 summer months. Unless told “Not To”, local Chevy dealer adds a $1,899 extra for a 5 item Customer Preferred Package. PROs: Low cost to buy a drive in TOWN car. I wanted the Bolt EUV Premier Because: Outside size is small for wife to park. Good, large 2nd row seat’s leg & head room, (38″), Roomy enough for 2 tall adults. Big Trunk space for groceries OR 3 large suitcases. Inside Rear view mirror camera shows both side’s blind areas. 360′ cameras show distance of car’s 4 sides when parking. Big PLUS: Regenerative braking. Saves front brake wear. TPM (tire pressure monitoring) & Adaptive Cruise* are standard. *I use in town when set at 50 MPH. I got the Ghost Gray color. So I don’t have to wash the car as much as a darker or lighter colored surface.

#4 – Volkswagen ID.4

Awesome car! This is my second electric car, but the difference is just amazing. This feels like a spaceship! Smooth ride, intricate electronics, and German build quality. This is the best car I’ve ever bought. My wife and I traded in our 2016 Buick Envision Premium Trim 1 for our Volkswagen ID4 Pro S All Wheel Drive. We wanted an electrical SUV to replace our gas powered SUV. We ordered it online and had it shipped to us from Germany to our dealer. I totally loved the entire experience of selecting the car this way. No hassle at the dealer, the car is exactly what and how you want it. It drives just like our gas powered SUV. Great acceleration for a suv of this size. Faster than our Buick Envision. Charges quicker than our Chevy Bolt does at the Electrify America Stations on DC fast charging. I like the quirkiness of the controls (no buttons or levers all touch screens), I love the sureness and smoothness of the ride, and I also like that the (trickle charge) portable charging level 1 cord can be plugged into a regular outlet. I plan on getting a Level Two charger at home. I would recommend this suv to anyone that is thinking of making the leap from gas to electric but wants an suv that still feels like a car and not a spaceship.

#5 – Mazda MX-30

The Mazda MX-30 is an enjoyable electric vehicle on many levels. It sports a sleek, eco-conscious interior and an interesting exterior design, it’s packed with a lot of modern technology, and it’s a lot more engaging to drive than many of its contemporaries. So why is it so far down our rankings? Bottom line: It’s a small, slow and kind of pricey EV with only 114 miles of range.


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