Seat aims for luxury – Skoda is getting more budget  

The Volkswagen Group is thinking of making the product strategy clearer for its various car brands. This is to prevent cannibalism. Seat may in the future become more premium-oriented, while Skoda is driving harder on the affordable line. This is according to Volkswagen Group Product Strategy Manager Michael Jost, who spoke to Automobilwoche.

– We want the management of our brands to become clearer in the future. Seat could represent more emotional cars, as exemplified by their Cupra models. Skoda could serve Eastern European markets more intensively, as would customers looking for functionality, says Michael Jost.

In concrete terms, this could mean a price increase on Seats cars and Skoda peel away exclusive options and material choices, such as the mocha-like soft Alcantara details in the ceiling. The Volkswagen brand may also undergo changes, so that its lineup does not become too similar to the other sibling brands.

– We are looking more closely at any overlap in the product portfolio for all brands, says Michael Jost to Automobilwoche.

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