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2024 Jaguar E-PACE Review and Price

Was offered this car In lieu of the car I originally reserved, as it was available for the same price. I was excited to drive a Jag and was pleased with the exterior styling, though it could’ve had sharper, more future-forward lines.

The interior seemed somewhat bland, with plastic-y materials on the dash and side panels. The gear shift was annoying, as there is a button you must push to put the car in drive when all other gears simply require a slide forward or back. Never could find the cup holders, which should be obvious. It wasn’t until I googled to find out where they were that I learned they are hidden under a plastic tray that at first glance appears to be an integrated charging dockattached to the center console.

The navigation system, once set, is quite nice and accurate. Unfortunately, you have to first enter the state, city, street name, then number of the place you’d like to go. Driving this SUV was fun, steering was precise but smoothe, and braking was responsive.

Excessive road noise and lack of rear passenger space took away from a pleasant ride. All this being said, I personally drive a 2019 Subaru Outback and am pleased that it is way more user friendly with intuitive technology, and the interior looks and is way more luxe than this overpriced, underwhelming vehicle.

MSRP Range: $49,500
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