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2024 Hyundai Elantra Review and Price

I have always been a bigger car kind of person, I never really liked cars because I have dogs and they just are not very roomy. However, I was in a situation where I had no choice but to get a smaller car. I ended up getting the 2023 Elantra and I instantly fell INLOVE with it. It is the comfiest car I’ve owned to date. It is extremely roomy for a car, it drives SO nice. It is the cutest thing EVER. I seriously love it so so so much. If you are debating on getting a car or just in the market for a car I 10/10 recommend the elantras. They are soooo nice and you will not be disappointed!!

I wanted something very similar to the Tucson but didn’t feel the need for a 2nd SUV, and wanted to spend less. The Elantra Hybrid Limited was a perfect fit. Similarly easy to drive, lots of bells and whistles, amazing gas mileage, sharp angular aesthetic, and a fantastic price point. We’ve had MANY cars over the years (this is my 24th), mostly Hondas and Acuras. Our two current cars (Elantra & Tucson) are my favorites of all of them.

With a little over 1000 miles the car started not locking by touching the door handle. Took it to the dealership where I bought it and they told me they reset the lock module. It worked for two week. While 15 away from the car it started chirping at me no lights just a fast chirping sound. The door unlocked normally by placing my hand in door handle but when I got home it would not lock with the touch of my finger. Had to lock it with the key FOB.

While cleaning my wife’s 2023 Tucson that was a few way the doors started to chirp lights flashed on the side mirrors did this two or three times though maybe the unlock button on the Key FOB was accidentally being push, do I took the FOB out of my pocket and laid it on the hood of my wife’s Tucson nope it still did the same thing. It will be round two to the dealer.

MSRP Range$21,475 – $28,315
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