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2024 Ferrari Purosangue Review and Price

2024 Ferrari Purosangue is a car you buy for the engine. But if you want that engine might as well buy the 812 which is more engaging, better performing, better looking and will hold its value better.

Sure the Purosangue is more practical, but that’s what the Land Rover or Taycan in the garage is for – for half the price. But I guess when you have FU money you don’t really care.

It sounds really good. I’m glad they kept the V12. The thing about the Purosangue that I really like is, it is engineered by Ferrari and not just a parts bin car from another manufacturer, I really respect them for that. But then again, they are independent now. They have to develop cars on their own. They can’t simply put a HEMI motor on their crossover and call it a day.

Well, it’s generally advised that a vehicle shouldn’t be more than 20% of net income. So you’d need to make 2 million a year NET income to afford this reasonably.

So, it’s not worth it for like 99.999% or more humans on earth.

Kinda neat that cars like this exist. But they might as well not exist to most of us. I personally don’t find cars that I will never own or even see to be interesting. You could be showing me a concept car and say it is being produced and I’d never know the difference.

Starting at $402,050 …
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