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2024 Chevy Blazer Review and Price

This is a sweet car! Lots of great latest tech features! Luxurious interior inside, perf leather seats, great outside body shape and features. Smooth ride with lots of room inside, especially with adjustable rear seats and cargo space. Recommend the V6 option. Definately worth the $500 upgrade. This car comes loaded with some great accessories, but I factory ordered mine to get the 20” wheels/tires I preferred, plus black bow tie pkg. (note: I purchased the 3LT with V6 but not an option in the Trim section below, so chose the RS to reflect V6.) Only downside is Chevy limits you to black interior (which I settled for) until you get to the Premiere.

The camel interior option looks elegant. But the all black interior is still classy. Also, ventilated seats are not offered until Premiere level as well. I live in southern Calif, so having the ventilated seats option would have been nice in the 3LT version. I would have paid extra for this. All in all, this is a great car. I can see why it ranked second in JD Power’s top SUV picks. Highly recommend this car!

The number one reason for leasing this car was its front row width. Our Equinox was a bit tight in the front row, although it had plenty of cargo space and better fuel economy (33mpg highway on trips) This Blazer gets up to 29 mpg. It has excellent acceleration if you need it, Id say biased primarily toward low end acceleration. I find the suspension too stiff, almost jarring compared to my 95 Montecarlo LTZ.

The Montecarlo was one of the better ridding cars I’ve owned recently. I’ve ridden in Oldsmobiles from the 80’s that were way better and practically ALL cars from the 60’s and 70’s were much, much better! I have a 2002 Silverado that rides better in my opinion. They talk like lasting 200,000 miles is some sort of big deal, but I know several people who’ve gotten over 400,000 miles from Silverado’s with LS small blocks, so I’m not impressed with only 200K…

All in fall, though, this isn’t a bad car for short trips and it’s a good grocery getter. I live in Michigan where we don’t encounter mountainous driving though, no high altitudes, but if we did, I’d expect the turbo to be a plus. We just have 2-wheel drive. If it’s too snowy and the roads are bad, it’s not a big deal since we’re both retired and don’t really have to go anywhere .

MSRP Range: $35,400 – $45,700
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