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2024 Cadillac CT4 Review and Price

Ok so its important to note i traded in a 2018 XTS that i absolutely loved, I’ve had a corvette on order for 14 months with a TPW 2nd week Dec. I’m not getting younger, I’ve got issues with shrapnel from 3 battle tours.. makes it hard to get in and out of most cars, I sold my 2019 Mercedes SL450 because of this… but I had to have a mid engine American made performance car, but so I had originally planned on getting a 5 series blackwing and flipping the corvette, then I thought I’d look at a 4 series blackwing and keep the corvette and im so glad I did, while this blackwing gets alot less MPG than my XTS… it doesn’t ride as good as the XTS, but I’m betting its alot better than a corvette and its got four doors. I only have 250 miles on it so just like the corvette im NOT able to use 100% of the HP until I put 600 miles on it, I will say im glad I went with the baby blackwing and the corvette, even though that 668 HP 5 series sounds intriguing. Mm ill have the vette when I have the need, the need for speed.

2020 Fully loaded 2.7L dual volute turbocharged 10-speed I4 Looks: Personally would’ve loved bigger rims standard otherwise the car looks menacing specially at night.

Performance: 2.7L Turbocharged engine paired with the 10-speed automatic is a match made in heaven. It may lack few cylinders and the intimidating horsepower numbers, but considering the weight and the 500NM of torque, (THIS THING MOVES) gaps the (MK7 Golf R, 2022 CLA35/A35, m235i gran coupe, S3, challenger/charger RT, 370Z with cold air intake and tune…) so don’t let the sleeper look fool you even though i love the bamboozled faces i get when i race one of those 🙂 I would’ve loved a louder exhaust.

The car is considerably quiet but the turbo sound is really loud and fun. Technology: considering it’s fully loaded I would’ve loved more but it has enough tech. I’m hard to please but overall i love the car so far.

MSRP Range: $34,595 – $61,495
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