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2024 Buick Enclave Review and Price

2024 Buick Enclave Great SUV! The 2023 year is by far the best styling! Very smooth ride and even has massage seats for the front two! I had the 2022 Enclave as a rental car for a couple of weeks, and I was impressed. Very quiet and comfortable to drive, driving over bumps and railroad crossings with minimal fuss. Plenty of convenient features, coupled with an intelligent, intuitive infotainment system, none of which ever felt gimmicky or distracting.

One of the best 360-degree and backup camera systems I’ve used. Controls are pleasant to use and well laid-out, including on the steering wheel. (Take lessons, VW!) Even the auto-stop system, which I normally loathe, wasn’t bothersome. Partly because it’s quiet and barely noticeable; mostly because it’s a rental car, so I’m not losing sleep over the longevity of the starter. My kids loved the captain’s chairs, rear climate control, and wireless Android Auto, which allowed them to play music off my phone in the back of the car (while I could still see directions on the vehicle screen).

The only sour note was having a dash partially covered with leatherette, with the rest being hard plastic. It looked weird and cheap; Buick should have at least done a better job color matching. At first I didn’t care for the button-push gear selector, but it was never overly bothersome.

I grew to appreciate it based on the storage underneath: I could fit a box of Kleenex there, keeping it reachable and out of the way! (Yes, it’s silly to get excited about “Kleenex storage” in a vehicle costing $50k, but hey, I have allergies…) I’m not in the market for a vehicle this large, but if I were, the Enclave would be a contender. It’s been a good couple of weeks driving it around.

MSRP Range: $43,900 – $59,500
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