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2023 Range Rover Velar P250 R-Dynamic Reviews and Price

Regarding Velar, and similar competitor product, unless u have ordered a car with a love or hate colour / interior trim, and questionable options, the depreciation at the moment, immediately after taking delivery, should be non existent.

This is due to a severe lack of supply, and the fact that wait times for your new vehicle, are easily 6 months, or probably 12 months.

Depreciation after 3 or 5 years etc, will always depend on MANY factors.
Exterior colour / interior colour
Which engine it has — petrol / diesel, and the power output, because different power versions are available
S or SE or HSE model

The options on the car — panoramic roof / upgraded stereo / extra comfort features, such as seat memory & heated / cooled seats etc
Service History
Condition of vehicle
Etc. Etc
So many variables come into play.

If u bought one of these new in 2019, you have probably not suffered from much depreciation, at the moment, which is again due to a current lack of new car supply, long wait times to get new car, and new car prices gone up a lot in last 2 years.
Velar been around since 2017 in Australia.

If your car is a good colour and model and options, IF, it’s in excellent / good condition ( for its age / mileage ) with Service History, then irrespective of its age, resale value should be good.
However, whilst having 200,000 kms on a 12 year old car, is not outrageous, fewer people are wanting to buy a car of that age / mileage.
U would need to price it accordingly, to get a sale.

A lot of variables come into play, and everyone’s expectations of resale value, can vary, and / or their expectations of how much they are happy to sell their used car for.

The range kicks off with the R-Dynamic S that starts at $96,660 plus on-road costs. The next step is our model, the R-Dynamic SE, which starts at $98,900 excluding on-roads.

  1. I can absolutely appreciate that and I’m not sure I could go without either. However, we need to remember that the current situation is what it is and people are so hungry for cars that they are willing to go without. I’ll update you on how I go without the camera throughout the journey.
    Also I want to make you aware that I don’t have any existing relationships with dealers. If I were to buy a car tomorrow I would ask my colleagues for their opinions, do my research and then visit a showroom.

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