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2023 Kia Niro EV S Reviews and Price

Seeing that the range of the featured car is less than the Kia Ev6 the following should give reason to question its range… My friend in Holland is an Extinction Rebellion Activist leader. She loves all things that are so called sustainable, green energy, zero emissions and so on.

I regularly call her out for her nonsense traffic stopping campaigns where she dances around blocking roads in red face and red flowing gowns… basically she’s got too much money and time on her hands and really needs to get a more interesting life that doesn’t annoy 99% of global residents.
Last year she was telling me how she’s doing her part to save the world by buying a Kia Ev6. She told me how she could drive to her office in Paris charge overnight and return home the next day… a round trip of approximately 1000km. Well within the claimed range of the Ev6.

Things didn’t go well lol. I’d already told her it was not going to but she didn’t listen…
Leaving home with a full charge in the middle middle of a freezing European winter travelling at 120 to 140kph she was shocked at the battery drain. She was shocked at having to fully recharge 3 times on the round trip.
To make things worse she found it too difficult to find fast chargers. Even Europe has a lack of fast chargers. The available regular chargers meant 7 hours were added to a simple round trip taking into account detours to chargers and super slow charging speeds.

She didn’t want to stop for a pie, use a bathroom or drink a coffee and didn’t expect to pay as much for charging as she once paid for diesel in her previous car….
Suddenly saving the world became obsolete. She was so exhausted with her commute that the reality of battery operated car ownership had to end. The Kia was sold after 6 weeks.

So back to the 12 year old Audi diesel that easily does the round trip on one tank of fuel. The one way trip is an easy no stop run yet again and saving the planet is a case of do as I say not as I do.
Evs are great for school runs but so are petrol cars at 1/3 the price.

If you’re thinking of claimed Ev range be careful of cold weather, hot weather, larger wheels, using the heater , air conditioning, lights, windscreen wipers or sound system. They all use small amounts of your range.

Just for clarity my friend was expecting 580km range but only achieved 280km range…, yes I know her use is extreme but her use is a walk in the park for a an old diesel car with a couple of hundred thousand kms under its belt.
I’m not anti Ev but I’m definitely not sold on any yet.

Price $65,300 plus on-road costs
Colour of test car Interstellar Grey
Options Premium paint – $520
Price as tested $65,820 plus on-road costs
Drive-away price $71,327 (Sydney)

  1. I haven’t driven a good ev yet because nobody has made one yet.
    Some Evs are fast off the line but that’s not enough to make them good.
    Most are quite and smooth but that’s not enough to make them good either.
    Even if a good one was built one day we still will suffer the chaos of changing…. Public infrastructure will take decades to keep pace with the inevitable increase of Evs on the roads.

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