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2023 INFINITI Q50 Review and Price

2023 INFINITI Q50 is often criticized for being outdated, for lacking tech, for performance. I have now owned this car for over half a year, and I noticed that as you drive this car more and more, you get more accustomed to it. Now being completely honest, their is a lot of reason why you might not like this car and there is no denying that. The steering is certainly not the most performancy but for most drivers, this will be a daily driver and it does fine. Even for more enthusiastic drives, this car still does well. Tech can certainly be overwhelming at first but in 2020 with the addition of wireless apple carplay, this makes the vehicle a lot better. Android auto is still wired at this point in time. Infiniti did a redesign in 2018 for the taillights and for the front bumper some time ago so I think it looks really nice. Another thing this car does really well is the ability to be a smooth drive.

A lot of people complain that this car is numb. Again, you get used to it and see it is more relaxing than anything. It is a 7 Spd Auto trans which somehow shifts nicely. This car gives you features here and there that are simple but useful. In other words, you are not going to be getting over the top features like auto park or some fancy gizmo crap other manufacturers throw. However, if you are willing to look past that, this offers good tech that you can use or not use, simple mechanics for things. Maintenance wise, so long as you stick to the script, this vehicle will not give you any issue. The acceleration is amazing. Again, no car is perfect. This car, I will say the steering is the biggest flaw, next is the exhaust but that is a personal opinion. To me, a stock note on this car sounds like a vacuum. Nothing really exciting there. But even so from time to time this car sounds very sexy.

The biggest thing I would say to get for this car is to upgrade your Heat Exchanger. Whether you plan to mod it (as this car is very mod friendly) or keep it as is, it will help prolong the life of the turbos if you upgrade the heat exchanger as this will help cooling the engine and turbos. One criticism that I can NOT forgive Infiniti for in 2020 is that their base model does not come with a great sound system. In fact. The base Luxe edition comes with a generic 6 speaker system. If you upgrade you will get a 16 Speaker Bose system. I think it is an unfair difference as the 6 speaker is very much undesirable. Having a Silver Sport Trim, you get Akebonos and the 16 Speaker standard.

Excellent choice to consider. The last issue is that this car is NOT a car that you should buy if you plan to sell it fast. Infiniti is known to have very low resale values. Mine dropped about 7k just for driving it from when I got it. (It may also be the market). For future buyers, my recommendation is to look for a 2020+ model as you get Apple Carplay and Android auto. (If you do not care for that then the 2019 – will offer great prices for the car) If you prefer more sound OPT FOR THE PURE, SENSORY, OR SPORT. Sport is the best as you also get Akebono Brake Calipers! 2021 + comes standard with bose speakers so if you go up you will be fine. All in all it is not a perfect car by any means. But it is a great car and I think more often than not critics will over look it. You will not regret getting this car!

This is a perfect car. Its fuel consumption is ridiculously low for its size. The inside is very quiet, teh engine sound is a wonderful V6! Extremely good to drive. Beautiful shape. At the gas station people ask what it is, because it is so well-shaped. The Bose hifi is excellent. The seats are very comfortable. The various driver assistance functions work smoothly. When you liearn it to use, the cameras give real help in parking and driving backwards.

The car is very fast, runs smoothly. I have the sport tech version, fully extrad. Luggage spece can be best used if you put in big bags, rather than suitcases. The fule consumprion in town is a joke: if you learn how to use the electric motor. I am not sure the finicky reviews are rightt. Except a few functions in infotainment (say, phone mirroring), the car has all the functions imaginable at the end of 2018. The car is built very well, everything matches well, no cracking or other noises inside. Insurance is reasonably priced. In town my fuel consumprion is similar to or less than in my diesel Honda Accord, 2.2, 180 bhp. The Honda Accord was also made in Japan, but you, no doubt, feel the difference. For this price, you can get nothing similar. A shame people do not know more about this car.

MSRP Range: $42,650 – $58,500
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