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2023 Honda Civic Sport Reviews and Price

2023 Honda Civic Sport – This car is amazing. It’s exactly what my daughter was looking for. It runs great and it looks great. I really like my leased car. It was a major upgrade from what I had before. A lot of the features are easier to understand than what I thought they would be.

2023 Honda Civic Sport Pro’s
1.) The engine (K20C2) it is the most reliable 4 cyl on the market right now!
2.) Gets above average gas mileage 34.5mpg in the city & 37mpg on the highway!
3.) ease of DIY maintenance and cheap replacement parts compared to the 1.5T!
4.) The CVT transmission is more than adequate to respond to your throttle inputs,
also just remember to change the transmission fluid with HCF-2 cvt fluid every 25k miles.
5.) Lastly, the chasis handles like a Accord with its smooth flat steering response with the 18’s
that come stock on the sport trim.

2023 Honda Civic Sport Con’s
1.) No manual E-brake.
2.) Prone to rock chips on the paint and windshield.
3.) Have to enable auto start stop to (off) every start up.
4.) Highway passing power isn’t the most robust leaving some to be desired.
5.) Subpar audio system… Honda’s stock 8 speaker system is a 6/10!


In conclusion, I enjoy my Honda especially since it is the most reliable economy car that has a great handling chasis as this 11th civic does. I plan to keep this car a long time and will do oil changes every 3-4k miles with 0W-20 Valvoline Full synthetic extended protection with a Mobil1-110A synthetic oil filter or a Fram Ultra synthetic 7317!!! Also, Change the transmission fluid every 25k miles with Honda genuine HCF-2 cvt fluid and only do a fluid change, no flush…. Lastly, I always put my E-brake on before I park so help the transmission along with letting the car warm up at least 30 seconds before driving off and driving easy for the first 15 minutes.

MSRP Range
$23,950 – $30,550
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