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2023 GMC Acadia Review and Price

This one of many GMC products we have owned over the last 2+ decades. The V6 has plenty of power and the 4wheel drive mode is great for the beach. We had a Yukon XL for years and loved it. This is a down size for us and we use the third row for short in town trips with groups. This is not a third row like a Yukon.

We use the back with separate AC/heat controls our dogs on long trips. We have a Thule car top carrier for extra luggage that mounts quick and makes very little noise or change in fuel mileage. The adaptive cruise control is a tremendous feature. The sun roofs are a waste for me but it has two. The seat heating/cooling and heads up information displayed for the driver are great. Like the camera system especially the overhead view in tight spots. Much more city friendly than the Yukon XL.

Was shopping for a family sized SUV. Almost purchased a Chev. Traverse, but realized it was too large with 20″ rims and 12″ longer than the Acadia. The Acadia felt right sized and with the At4 trim had all the features I was looking for. Love the heads up display, Auto bright lights, led lights, leather 6 seat seating. As this is a crossover, drive is more car like, very smooth. Love the 3.6 v6.

Has plenty of power and pickup to get out of the way. Would have preferred a larger center screen for navigation, But that is the only short coming I have seen. Love this hidden gem!

MSRP Range: $36,800 – $50,600
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