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2023 Ford Bronco Review and Price

Had my 2023 Ford Bronco for under 20 days and now in the shop for transfer case motor broke. Can believe a new vehicle with 3 miles off show room floor in the shop. Hopefully I can get a new vehicle because this is not a good look for ford. We were looking to take a trip up north to try the 4-wheel drive option, but now that’s a wash. No real good news if this may be a issue due to the time of parts. Will update with new information soon. First off, I want to thank the sales personnel who helped us pick out our new 2023 Ford Bronco.

Seating down and figuring out the process was what I expected from Beach ford, since I’ve bought all my vehicles from them. That’s where everything went south, like really south with the bronco. After have the 2023 ford Bronco for 14 days only. The transfer case motor went out on a new bronco with off the showroom floor purchase. After two days for deliver and install. The vehicle had more codes that now we have to replace the entire assembly for the system.

Again, a new off the showroom floor purchase with 3 miles. Now we are looking at a vehicle starting off with problem that I’m still having to pay for the purchase. Now talking to several personnel then on to the sales manager. It’s really start looking further down south with the issues. Now, calling and visiting the dealership, it’s the first-time hearing about the issue (Not really buying that). Now waiting on a call that management said will do in a couple of hours (phone is always on me).

NO CALL! Now the repair on a new vehicle looks to be longer and my wife is without a second vehicle since we traded up to this vehicle. Now it really goes more south since the dealership doesn’t want to pay extra for finding another vehicle but try to put us back in the 2023 ford Bronce that fail after 14 days. I’ve known and purchased vehicle in beach ford for over 20 years and now I feel like we are being shafted (using a better word than I feel is happening). I will make sure I ask the owners at one of the local functions that is attended, why this has happened.

Update: Now that Beach ford really not looking at the costumer and just their pockets. They are asking me if I will pay the mark up value of cost from getting from another dealer. That should be something a dealer is willing to do if selling a new vehicle that has issues and not pass on to the customer. Again, this is a new off the showroom floor purchase. No customer should have to go through this kind of problem. I believe Beach Ford is trying to protect it’s image as number one dealer instead of supporting the customer. The customer is why you are number one dealer.

MSRP Range: $39,130 – $89,835
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