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2023 Dodge Challenger Review and Price

I am glad I purchased the Dodge Challenger. A lot of people tried to dissuade me from making the purchase, but this vehicle has been the best car I have ever purchased. In fact, I chose the Challenger over a BMW, due to style, comfort, ride quality and throttle response. I read Dodge is doing away with this vehicle and it is unfortunate. This is a classic that has been revamped well by Dodge.

I was looking for a car for my son. I looked at Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3, when by chance I went online at AutoNation and sorted by lowest price. I saw a Dodge Challenger SXT. The MSRP was $33,655 less a dealer discount of 3164, and a 2000 by Dodge and by luck another 1000 by Dodge for filling out an on line form. This brought the price down to $27,491. This is for a 3.6 liter V-6 (VVT) with an 8 speed automatic transmission (German made), 278 Watt 6 speaker stereo, Sport Brakes, AC, Cruise Control, etc.

This is a rear wheel drive car, not front wheel drive. When comparing the SXT to Toyota, Honda and Mazda, it was the best value. A V-6 vs 4 cylinder and an actual automatic transmission vs CVT (Mazda makes a 6 speed automatic). The ride quality was the best in the SXT. The SXT was also the quietest of the 4. Dodge has been making the Challenger since 2008, so I suspect the bugs have been worked out. The V-6 engine has had over 10,000,000 copies made, so it must be good as well. BTW I do not work for Dodge nor do I have any connection to them. The SXT is a great value. Grab one before they are gone.

Drives as advertised and built as a retro muscle car. Three with one repair at over 130,000 combined miles. Harmon Kardon makes it a dream. A car to be respected and build comfort level with as power is a key component of this model. Love the sound, stance and suspension. Interior has steadily improved but all were nice. Uconnect works perfectly in my 21.

Ride is pretty nice for a muscle car and functions included are awesome. Expect this car to last until my next, lol! Recommend the Hellcat without hesitation. Recommend my dealer without reservation. Recommend Dodge Parts for accessory additions. Consider add on alarm and kill switch for security if not garaged. Short of that my perfect drive.

MSRP Range: $31,100 – $76,590
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