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2023 Chrysler 300 Review and Price

Love this 2023 Chrysler 300! The lines are sleek and smooth, lots of style. Inside has clean lines and the leather is so soft, its like sitting in your favorite recliner. Ride is smooth, the handling is great! Oh, you need to get out of the way or get around that person? The power is CRAZY! 485 HP in a luxury car! 4 door luxury car! Wow! The sunroof is amazing, it opens all the way to the back seat and lets your passengers really feel that open feel. Great car!!

I been driving Chryslers since I was 18,I owned mostly every car Chrysler ever had,My goal was to own A 300 some day,I now I have one! I like it very much,smooth ride and was surprise how the 8 speed transmission shifts,very smooth! My only Complain I have is My front Fascia doesnt line up with my fenders and Dealer said nothing they can do.I look at New 300 with same Problem.I hope Chrysler finds A Solution to their mis-matched parts!

Ok guys, real world review here. I have previously owned a Chrysler 300C in 2005, so I have something to compare the new one against. Initial impression of the styling of the car is high. I was attracted to this design in 2005 and still like it to this day. The paint and sheetmetal Chrysler did an impressive job on, not one flaw. The exit / entry is one of my only complaints about this car. Here again I dont remember this being an issue 17 plus years ago, but then again, I have a bad hip now and some extra “width” , yeah thats what we will call it , now.

The interior of this 300 is by far better appointed than the older version. Much better fit and finish, better materials, and slightly better layout, again much better. And the driving impression, my first 300 I didnt like the way it steered. The steering was very vague, no response. However the new one is spot on. This issue has been solved. Couldn’t ask for better responce, and the power assist is always at the correct level. This car has the electric power steering, at first I wasnt too wild about this from a repair standpoint, but in all fairness, not one issue and this is my second Chrysler that has electric power steering, no issues there either. And one benefit, that I didn’t think about, its responce is adjustable ! I’m sure some of you reading this may think , big deal, and to each their own. But for me this is a great feature. I never knew this was important to me untill I bought the first 300 and didnt like the steering responce. The engine and transmission is yet another huge breakthrough for Chrysler. The Pentastar engine is by far one of the most quietest engines I have ever owned, and the transmission is by far the best automatic transmission I’ve ever had as well.

The 05 300C had the hemi, and yes the sound was great, love that V8 rumble. And the new one has the Pentastar V6. While the sound isnt as impressive, the acceleration, the smoothness and the ability to make the car go are all there. It moves the 300 effortlessly, and I am getting a real world 30 miles to the gallon. Which would I choose again ? Hands down the V6. While I’m old school, this old dog can learn new tricks. And the V6 with the ZF transmission, is leaps and bounds better than my 05. Overall impressions, some may not like the styling, and to each their own. But as far as a vechicle that is comfortable to drive, drama free, heres your ride. The fuel milage, comfort, and amenties are all there. And after this long a run, I’m sure Chrysler has worked out any issues with this platform. I’m not saying its perfect, no vechicle is, but the engine, transmission and body on this vechicle has had years, and millions made to perfect any issues. Go drive one, you just may buy it !

MSRP Range: $34,295 – $55,000
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