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2023 BYD Atto 3 Reviews and Price

Clearly I would be considered biased toward the BYD as I have one, though I absolutely agree that BYD/EVDirect have not done themselves any favours with the rollout, safety rating, delayed features (e.g. AA/AC). However I feel this review reads as though it is comparing the Essence rather than the Excite. And even then I fail to see how an unrated MG with less safety tech outscores the BYD even with consideration to the ANCAP fiasco (with the issue being well known and not being one that would be of any detriment to the cars safety in all but one potential misuse scenario).

Some of the areas I have to assume are reasonably judged as I have no MG experience but objectively the tech and infotainment ratings compared to the Excite do not seem to make sense.

Even the manner of reporting seems a little skewed, such as MG being given some extra praise for having the same USB socketry as the Atto in the rear?

You are not alone in reporting a poor efficiency figure which tends to suggest that it is the highway usage dragging these figures down. In the first couple of thousand Km’s mine is averaging not significantly over double digits with minimal highway use. Not suggesting that this is pertinent to your rating for mixed usage, but just providing some real world perspective for those that may have similar use cases.

In other states, the drive-away price for the entry-level variant is as high as $47,931. The price before on-road costs and government charges – which applies nationwide – is $44,381.85.

  1. Range in highway driving of 280 to 320 km. That means not being able to drive from Sydney to Goulburn and back (400km) without recharging somewhere. I do that trip on half a tank without giving refuelling any thought.

  2. Should I buy a MG ZS EV or a BYD Atto 3? For me, none of the above. Good to see the warranty content listed though, for people who think their EVs are “maintenance-free”.

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