2022 Toyota Highlander Reviews and Price

2022 Toyota Highlander Review. After waiting until the worst time in living memory to buy a car, a close approximation to what I wanted appeared and I grabbed it. After 30 days including one long trip my expectations have largely been met with a few pleasant and not-so-pleasant surprises.


1. Contrary to mycarboard review, visibility not as good as expected: The rear-view mirror and camera housing reduce forward views, especially for right turns. The rear gate glass is smaller than I would prefer and the second row headrests block some of it further. Side view mirrors, however, are excellent.

2. As mycarboard review indicates, cargo room is not great. I thought I would overcome this by keeping the third row down but was surprised by how short the back gate is — fitting tall objects is not possible, especially compared to my old CRV.

3. Front seats not as comfortable as hoped for. They’re fine but less comfortable than Sienna seats on long trips.


1. After reading some negative reviews of the 8 speed AT, I am happy to report no issues at all. Shifting is as smooth as I could hope.

2. Responsive, powerful engine and comfortable road ride — just what I was hoping.

3. Driving tech. I did not expect to like the lane assist or assisted cruise control but on a 500 mile trip they were great.

Overall, very happy so far but the real reason for buying the Toyota Highlander can’t be assessed in 30 days — stay tuned for the 3000 day report.

MSRP Starting at $35,205

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