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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Exceed Owner Review

I bought an Eclipse Cross Exceed PHEV in Feb22 which is identical in wheel base, drivetrain, battery and ICE to the just superseded Outlander PHEV. We opted for the Eclipse Cross (EC) because there are only two of us in the household. In April we departed on a 4 month lap of Australia towing a small camper trailer (around 900kg). Most days we didn’t have opportunities to charge the vehicle. Over 20,000km we turned in 8.6L/100km.

We are retirees living in Sydney. The last time I filled the petrol tank was in August and it is still half full.
I have a 32 panel PV system installed in 2009 with a notional output of 5.7kW. Averaged over the whole year, daily output is around 21kWh. Prior to the buying the EC, our daily household consumption averaged over the year was around 11kWh (we have gas hot water). With a 20cents/kWh feed-in tariff and 31cent/kWh supply tariff we were paying around $300/year for electricity. With the supply tariff now up to 38cents and car charging we are paying around $85-$95/month for electricity.

The key to economy is to charge the car during the day when the PV is active. As retirees, this works for us because the car is home in the garage most of the day.

I am still doing the numbers on a PV upgrade (ie replacement) to 9.2kW but, at this stage, I think a bigger differential is required between the feed-in and supply tariff to make this a logical decision. At $10,000 for bi-directional charging, I can’t see such an installation making economic sense. I’ll wait and see how my bills shape up over a full 12 months to see if a household storage battery makes economic sense by optimising self consumption of PV generated energy. For anyone with a PV system who uses a PHEV as a daily commuter without access to a charge during daylight hours, I suspect a home storage battery would be worthy of close consideration.

While my EC is capable of being configured for V2H (vehicle to home), the cost of this set up compared to the risk of a grid failure in Sydney makes the option economically unviable. My 2.2kW Honda generator is a far cheaper solution for addressing the risk of a grid outage.

  1. Well said, Mitsubishi Motors is a pioneer in this area and has created a high-tech marvel available to the masses, a brilliant package and the world’s favourite PHEV SUV.

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