2019 Subaru Outback Review and Price

I won’t say that I have become a fan of Subaru Outlander. But there are some advantages anyways.

The car looks confident and impressive. You can go fishing and travel on it. The trunk is not small, it is suitable for those who like to carry large things with them. The trunk closes with a button. The luggage door swings open at a good angle.

The salon smells new, everything is in leather and decent plastic, it’s nice to sit in the salon. There is a box for glasses.

There is a lot of space in the back and even two people can sit on top of each other behind the driver if it were possible. The car is suitable for long trips.

The car has an armrest which personally interferes with me, my hand rests uncomfortable when I drive. It’s a matter of habit but I don’t want to get used to it. In addition the armrest does not open properly, you have to disassemble it removing the stationary shelf which does not fit into the glove compartment. The glove compartment is of course large but stupid, the shelf from the armrest does not fit into it and for some reason it closes every other time. This is a bit strange for such an expensive car.

At a speed of 60 km per hour the car feels good speed. The car also rides confidently on turns. The brake pedal is quite informative, you don’t need to get used to the car. The dimensions are not quite light as I used to but the control is intuitive.

The car reacts adequately and expectedly to the steering wheel turn.

Driving at a comfortable speed of 85-90 brings pleasure, there is no feeling of slow driving. There is a certain noise from the street but from my point of view it is quite comfortable. There is no speed deception.

The mirrors are not large enough but informative, everything in them is clearly visible.

The tires slide on the track well, the car keeps the road.

The car picks up speed to a hundred kilometers per hour in 9 seconds. The dynamics are clearly not enough for me, I’m used to the effect of vertical takeoff.

Music comes via Bluetooth, USB or CD, but the sound is not quite high-quality, as if plastic. This is felt quite clearly. The sound is not alive, not transparent. It was disappointing for me. As a background the music plays well, but definitely not for music lovers.

According to experience the car goes with a fuel consumption of 6-6.5 liters on cruise control.

Energy is absorbed by 40% or more during a frontal and side impact which makes me happy.

Ground clearance is good.

EPA Classification Small Sport Utility Vehicles 4WD
MPG/MPGe 32 Highway / 25 City
Engine Regular Unleaded H-4 2.5L/152 cu in
Transmission CVT w/OD
Drive Train All Wheel
Seating 5
Horsepower 175

Starting MSRP $26,345.00

Destination Charge $975.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $27,320.00

7 Total Score
2019 Subaru Outback 2.5i, Tungsten Metallic

To sum up the car is convenient for long trips, high-quality Japanese Assembly but in this price category, you can find much better options.

  • The car makes a positive impression, Japanese build.
  • The interior is solid with inserts, the car has good handling, it is convenient to steer. A lot of space in the cabin, a convenient car for traveling with family, a lot of space in the trunk.
  • Improved self-isolation.
  • Water-repellent interior material.
  • Climate control Navigator.
  • The sound is not great, the power is not super, the dynamics could be better.
  • The glove compartment and armrest are not modified.
  • And so, in principle, the power is enough, if you do not go to overtake each truck.
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