2019 GMC Terrain SLE Diesel Review and Price

The GMC Terrain, a compact SUV, is an elegant SUV with a turbocharged diesel I4 1.6L/98 cu in. A pair of it is the chassis, in which the advantage is given to the comfort of the course, rather than the accuracy of entering turns, which is traditional in this class. However, the SUV is slightly inferior to its rivals in terms of internal space. The rear seats do not move back or forward, but fully fold up, just like the front passenger seat.

Oddly enough, despite the dimensions of the SUV, but the 1.6-liter turbo engine is quite adequate to cope with its duties. The diesel engine, which is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, pleases with a good margin of torque, but it does not offer anything impressive in terms of towing. The SUV will pull no more than 700 kg. On winding roads, the driver will be pleasantly surprised by the maneuverability.

It is known that diesel engines are not very popular now. But the Terrain diesel powertrain knows what to draw attention to, namely the significant torque that almost reaches the level of the most powerful gasoline engine. An important bonus of the diesel engine was the low level of fuel consumption regardless of the drive.

The car has a diesel 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 137 horsepower and 325 Nm. It is assembled by a six-speed automatic transmission. Spends GMC with it and front wheel drive 8.4 l/ 100km in urban, 6.0 l/100km in rural and 7.2 l/100km in mixed cycles. With all-wheel drive, the performance does not increase much to 8.4, 6.2 and 7.3 l/ 100km, respectively.

The Terrain has less cargo space than its competitors. But with the level of thoughtfulness, few can compare. The rear seats and front passenger seat fold completely, allowing you to carry long items. Plus, there is a storage compartment in the floor.

As with most competitors, the Terrain interior impresses with comfort and functionality without excessive pathos. The interior of the SUV is refined with embroidered headrests and an expressive panel trim. In general, the interior looks good.

The exterior of the car is stylish and pleasing to the eye. If you look at the back of the SUV, it seems that the roof is hanging over the body, all thanks to the racks. This is a modern trend. I must say, between that the Terrain it goes. The rest of the compact SUV’s body is marked by fairly sharp lines, high headlights with led accents, and variants of the radiator grille.

EPA Classification 2WD Sport Utility Vehicle
MPG/MPGe 39 Highway / 28 City
Engine Turbocharged Diesel I4 1.6L/98 cu in
Transmission Automatic
Drive Train Front Wheel Drive
Seating 5
Horsepower 137

Starting MSRP $31,800.00

Destination Charge $1,195.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $32,995.00

8.5 Total Score
2019 GMC Terrain SLE Diesel

The SLE model received automatic two-zone climate control and several optional assistance systems.

  • If you are excited about the idea of a stylish, well-equipped SUV with high-performance engines, the new GMC Terrain will appeal to you. Familiar assistance systems, such as Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto, are available as options.
  • Drivers who are used to more traditional controls are unlikely to like the Terrain. Having nine forward gears is good from the point of view of setting speed and driving at cruising speed, but you will have to choose the “Drive” or “Reverse” modes using the buttons located on the center console. You have to get used to it.
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  1. Alex AutoScout
    Alex AutoScout June 28, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Best vehicle I’ve ever owned! Loved the warranties I received upon purchase! Handles very well!

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