2019 Chevrolet Volt Premier Review and Price

Is the volt a good car? Yes. A surprisingly good car.

Is it a good car for you? Maybe.

The volt is a plug in hybrid with about 50 miles of electric only range. This means if you can plug in at work and home, then you likely use no gas.

There are compromises.

Initial price. The volt premier version is $40k. This is a new Toyota Avalon and CPO BMW 3 series range. The volt lacks comfort and style of those cars as well as power.

The volt is better than a Prius. The volt is better in some ways and worse in others than Honda clarity. Volt is Better in terms of battery and speed. Volt is Better being more compact for city living. Volt is Worse interior quality. No duel zone AC. No rear vents.

The volt is quiet and has a very smooth ride. Electric has full torque right away so for 0 to 30 mph volt is one of the fastest cars on market at 2.5 secs. But 0 to 60 takes 7.2 secs.

The volt interior is full of hard plastics and cheap everything. In typical GM fashion, the interior fails.

As with any electric car, running heater sucks the battery. Volt is no exception. If you live in often cold, I would not get electric car.

Important facts when thinking about plug in hybrids:

The Chevy volt is a rare car that has features in the drive train which no other car has. Namely it will drive fully on battery until battery runs out and then it will turn on its gas engine to power the electric motors.

Does not sound like much until you drive other plugin hybrids. They cheat and turn their gas engines on frequently such as when it gets cold, when you are accelerating on freeway, etc.

And these gas engines do not drive the etlectric motors because they lack the advanced planetary gear sets the volt has. Why does it matter? Most plug in hybrids are two cars. Slow in battery, ok in gas. They behave completely different so you find yourself avoiding battery mode because it’s slow. The volt is seamless is battery to gas mode and full power is available in either.


EPA Classification  Compact Cars
MPG/MPGe  42 Highway / 43 City
Engine  Gas/Electric I4 1.5L/- TBD –
Transmission  Automatic
Drive Train  Front wheel drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  149
Overall Crash Safety Rating  5 / 5 Stars
Battery Range  53 mi
Starting MSRP 
Destination Charge 
Dealer Suggested Retail 

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