2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT Review and Price

The design of the car is calm, the car looks quite concise. The design does not cause any rejection, for me this is a plus.

The ground clearance is about 18 centimeters, nothing bulges out from the bottom.

Some words about the salon. The doors open with the buttons. The seat has all the necessary adjustments with a well-developed side support, the upholstery is light. It bothers me that the fabric is already slightly bulging. Personally, I liked the seats, not standard ones but comfortable.

The interior is made of simple plastic but assembled well.

The first impression when you get in the car is the smell although the car is new, and it smells like plastic. The armrest is made of soft leatherette. The edging is plastic, there is a soft touch coating in some places.

The air ducts don’t work very well. The instrument panel is completely made of hard plastic, the instrument visor also is made of plastic. The glove compartment is made of ordinary cheap plastic. The steering wheel has rubberized buttons and a mechanical adjustment, the adjustment range is large. I don’t like the dial, it’s too small.

Fuel consumption in the city – from 12 liters and above, on the highway about 10 liters.

I liked the display – high resolution, perfectly readable in direct sunlight, the music plays well, here I have no complaints.

The trunk opens with a button under the emblem, the floor is smooth, the volume is decent. Under the floor of the trunk there is a niche, and under it there is a place for the rolling wheel. On the right there are folding handles for the rear seat backs, which fold evenly, the headrest does not rest on the front seats. There is also a convenient folding handle for the seat back. I liked the trunk, the size is optimal, it is convenient to use.

The fuel tank lid is made of plastic and opens by pressing.

The mirrors are of normal size, but there is a problem in the reflection of the glass. The windscreen is also not very comfortable, you often have to lean forward.

Noise insulation is not at a high level, you can hear the road and the work of the engine. Transmission is 6-speed, automatic. When driving calmly, the transmission works properly and expectedly.

The size of the brake discs is small, but in principle the car brakes well. The stabilization system allows you to slide, but keeps you on the trajectory. When braking on a turn, the brakes are clearly not enough. The car accelerates very hard. Sometimes the car goes into the next lane when you turn.

My first impressions of the engine were very negative. But I’m used to it. In my opinion, the car runs very mediocre. You need to get used to the car. It is more suitable for quiet trips with the family. The maneuverability is poor.

EPA Classification 2WD Sport Utility Vehicle
MPG/MPGe 32 Highway / 26 City
Engine Turbocharged Gas I4 1.5L/92 cu in
Transmission Automatic
Drive Train Front Wheel Drive
Seating 5
Horsepower 170

Starting MSRP $28,315.00

Destination Charge $1,195.00

Dealer Suggested Retail $29,510.00

6 Total Score
2019 Chevrolet Equinox LT Front Wheel Drive 4-Door

I also noticed that the car loses its dynamics if more passengers get in it. In principle I liked the car but I advise you to buy necessarily the Premier configuration.

  • Car for the family.
  • Democratic price.
  • Poor maneuverability.
  • It takes a long time to accelerate.
  • Poor sound insulation.
  • Cheap plastic in the interior.
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

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