2018 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Review and Price

I had my R/T AWD Charger for 3 years while living in NJ with ice and snow. It was a great car but having moved to NC I no longer needed the AWD. My 2013 had a Diablo Sport Trinity with custom tune and a cold air intake plus a catch can. The car had nore punch and power along with a Tranzformer to modify the intensity and when the trans would shift. I had put a Dynamax exhaust on it but the drone noise was annoying.

So last year I decided to test drive a Scatpack and I was won over immediately. The power it had was amazing breaking the tires loose with ease. I wondered why Dodge did not put a wider tire on the car for more traction. The exhaust had a great sound while idling and ehen you punched it and the active exhaust opened up you definitely announced your presence. I did not get the car I test drove as there was a software issue and they brought over an almost identical car from another Dealership. I did not tealize at the time that the 2nd vehicle did not have the GPS or Beats 10 speaker system. But the car instead has a Sunroof that I hardly use but with airplay my Iphone can act as my GPS when needed.

I have installed a catch can as I saw the benefits of it on my AWD R/T with the oil it collected and kept out of the intake or on the intake valves themselves. I was disappointed to learn that Dodge changed the software and to keep my warranty secure I could not get a Diablo Sport unit to get some extra horsepower. For the time being I will be content with the horsepower the Charger has and thanks to the gearing it really moves this 4500 lb beast. I have installed a Pedal Commander and when the setting was only at 3/4 of max it was scary fast off the line. However you really had to be careful in the rain. When winter approached I changed it to 1/4 max which is a lot more reactive off the line than the car witout this unit. There are so many settings from mild to wild it is more like a Hellcat than a Scatpack off the line.

I love the Pedal Commander and recommend it only for drivers who are very good and experienced. I put a new set of wheels on the car as one of the stock rims had a crack on the inside causing a slow leak. The place installing my wheels commented as to how you had to be careful pressing the acceleratir from a stop or the car would tun awY with you. I told them they should see how the car drives in the more aggressive settings. The Pedal Commander is great as ther is an app you put on uour phone and then change settings on the fly.

Bottom line is I really love this car and I drive it from mild to wild depending on my moods. I think tje cars look has kept me from getting tickets when getting the speed radar checked as I think they think I am an off duty police officer. The new 2019 models have some improvements that are nice but I like my car and will not be trading it in any time soon. Oh and the Brembo brakes stop this beast on a dime. Kept me from Tboning a guy in a Wallmart Parking lot when I was distracted and my wife called out watch out. Buy one and have fun but always respect the cars power. When you think you have mastered it, like with a Harley that is when it will bite you.


EPA Classification  Large Cars
MPG/MPGe  22 Highway / 13 City
Engine  Intercooled Supercharger Premium Unleaded V-8 6.2L/376 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Rear Wheel Drive
Seating  5
Horsepower  707
Overall Crash Safety Rating  5 / 5 Stars
Starting MSRP 
Destination Charge 
Dealer Suggested Retail 

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