2017 Toyota Tundra Review Price

2017 5.7L V8 crew max SR5. That said, I will start with the bad:

1)MPG is flat out NOT what Toyota says it is. Like others, I am lucky to get 11.5 MPG (according to the truck) which is much less than the advertised MPG which I personally find dishonest. If your truck gets 10-11 MPG tell me. I was so in love with the Tundra that it wouldn’t have mattered to me and the honesty would have went a long way;

2)they listed the Entune system as standard in my vehicle however after I purchased the truck and brought it home, I discovered no Entune (I am in IT so I rarely have vendors set up my technology) when I brought it back for my bed liner, the dealership confirmed no Entune. Again, a little honesty on that would have gone a long way with me.

Now that having been said here’s the good:

1) you don’t need no stinking Entune. The Bluetooth in the truck is top notch and I stream music, have my messages read to me, and navigate via google maps or apple maps right through the stereo with no issues at all.

2)The options!!! I was intitially looking at the TRD Pro model because it had the most aggressive styling from the photos I saw. However, when I went to my dealership locally, they had a beautiful silver SR5 with a factory 3″ lift, handmade heated leather seats and 20″ black fuel rims on 35″ tires. All factory installed so no warranty issues and for $4k less than I was prepared to spend. And since I brought it home in November, I have been amazed by the options for customize-ability. Since purchase, I have installed a Line X bed liner and all weather mats (thanks Toyota! Don’t lie to me about EnTune next time and I won’t force you guys to throw those things in for free next time!), Bushwacker fender flares and a Snug Top Hard top and Nox Lux matte black out kit. I am also expecting a pedal commander tomorrow that I have been told can improve MPG in Eco mode by 3-5 MPG (at $300 it will pay for itself quickly with that MPG boost provided that it works as advertised).

3)Comfortable as hell. The interior of the vehicle is great for my family of 4. The crew max provides a ton of space. 4) In 4HI this thing is a beast in the snow. We have had multiple over 12″ snows this winter and this thing cuts through the snow and ice with no issues.

5)Value. Period. For what I paid relative to what I got, the value cannot be beat on the Tundra. I looked at the Silverado Z71 and the GMC Sierra Denali and for the price point, Tundra blows them both away and its made in the good old USA

Sound system is very good for a stock truck. As it’s been snowing non stop, the 4 WD has been tested a lot and this truck goes through the snow amazing. My only two complaints are the EnTune system isn’t my favorite. I hate that everything has to run through my smart phone for GPS and the GPS is not good. When you start the truck to warm up it auto syncs to my phone which disables siri when I’m in the house since the bluetooth is then in the truck outside. Little things like that which are annoying. I’d rather have a stand alone system in the truck. The other is the fuel efficiency is horrible. Supposed to get 13-17mpg. In 600 miles so far I’m averaging 11.6 mpg at best. That’s even with a 200 mile drive home from where I bought it. The 11.6 mpg is what the truck is saying. Using a phone app that I update when I’ve filled up it shows I’m under 11mpg. Not happy at all about that. Almost making think something is not quite right and I may take it into the dealer to talk to them about it. Besides those two things though I love this truck. Everything is very nice.

Dealer Suggested Retail 
$34,075.00 Used
Private Party Value 
$33,225.00 Used
Key Features & Specs
MPG/MPGe  18 Highway / 13 City
Engine  Regular Unleaded V-8 5.7L/346 cu in
Transmission  Automatic w/OD
Drive Train  Rear Wheel Drive
Seating  6
Horsepower  381
Overall Crash Safety Rating  4 / 5 Stars
Wheel Base  164.6

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