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2016 Tesla S: It’s Been a Car

I took delivery of my Model S 60 in September of 2016. It was by far the most expensive car I ever bought, and by far the best.

When I got my car I got version 6 firmware with it. Version 6 was before the backup camera showed prediction lines. But then Version 7 came out with prediction lines, and then Version 8 came out, and then Version 9 came out and now Version 10 is expected soon. My 2016 car is still being updated and gets new features. On any other car you’re stuck with what you buy, but a Tesla just keeps improving.


A 2016 Model S 60 is a software-locked S 75. I don’t know the current price. I eventually paid $2,000 for the extra 15 kWh of battery capacity, which I considered a great deal.


The 2016 S 60 has the hardware for Tesla Autopilot 1.0, which is great for controlled-access highway driving. It also includes Autopark and Summon. It’s not capable of full self-driving, but on that long highway trip, it does all the work. My car also has smart air suspension which is not only quieter, but rather nice to help avoid scraping on speed bumps. It’s “smart” because it remembers geographic locations where you’ve raised the suspension, and raises automatically when you visit there again. It also lowers at higher speed for greater aerodynamics.


When it came to replace our other gas car, there was no question. We got another Tesla.

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