2016 Tesla S 85 kWh Battery Review and Comparison

This is by far the most technically advanced car available; it feels like someone transported a car from 2021 into 2016, I can’t believe that I waited so long to discover the pure joy of owning a Tesla.

The ride is sublime, and the instant torque is something that you can’t understand until you try it. Today I was doing 70mph on the freeway (on autopilot) a guy in a all black Dodge Charger R/T pulls up next to me, shakes his head while making some comment to his girlfriend and then starts to pull away… I eased onto the accelerator and a few seconds later he was so far back in my rear view window that I couldn’t help but start laughing.


When I got home, I parked on the driveway to wash some bugs off the front and 90min later I had met more neighbors (women and men) than I had in the previous 2 years of living at my house. The car is utterly magnetic in looks, technology and concept… everyone wants to talk to you about it.

One thing no one talks about is the unbelievable convenience of electric cars, I just plug in when I get home (takes less than 15 sec) and in the morning I have a “full tank” I never have to worry about if I have enough gas to get somewhere. I have owned an electric car for less than two weeks, but i know now that I will never buy an car with internal combustion ever again.


One last thing! IMO: If you have the means to buy this car, you owe it to society to buy one. Tesla is (against all odds, and against the Koch brothers fossil fuel lobby) changing the world… showing us it is possible to switch to electric vehicles, and driving the entire industry to change in the process. Helping them capitalize this vision of change is our responsibility and in return you get to drive a truly awesome car!

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