2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Review and Price

I purchased it new from a local dealer in summer 2016. They didn’t have the color/model that I wanted, so they built it for me. It only took 1.5 months. I have the standard/basic model 2.5i PZEV.


As of Fall 2018, I have about 13K miles on it. It has held-up well. No problems. I like how it drives (smooth ride), and dashboard controls all work well.

Areas for improvement include:
* Rear window washer may take 9-12 seconds to supply water to rear window, unless you use it regularly.
* Spare tire fits upside down in trunk, so I can’t easily check its tire pressure.
* Driver’s left footrest feels a big awkward–might be too small.
* Optional mud flaps seem too small to do any good
* came with quality tires, but tires too expensive to replace when flat can’t be repaired ($200)
* warning chime could be a bit louder (or at least give me setting options to make it louder)
* radio/CD player can be a challenge to use, not really intuitive (unless used often)


Many things I like about it: (only some listed)
* how it drives
* interior layout
* dashboard layout and screen
* A/C, heater, fan, defrost: all work well
* acceleration and braking
* handling
* split rear seats
* comfortable seats, easy to adjust
* easy to change oil filter myself (filter on top of engine)
* AWD and x-low feature work well
* paddle shifting
* handy compartments for storage
* side cargo nets
* rubber mats and cargo mat
* low maintenance needs
* good gas mileage, large gas tank
* roomy interior
* steering wheel has good feel, controls placed well
* no blind spots, large windows

Dealer Suggested Retail $19,825.00 Used
Private Party Value $18,900.00 Used

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