2016 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited Review

I adore this car and knew on the first test drive that I HAD to have one! We settled on the 2.5i Limited and I still love it after having almost three years. It rides well, is comfortable to drive on longs trips and has lots of options that make it a cushy ride.

Some of my favorite features on it is:
•Eyesight. I hardly ever have to touch the breaks myself on longer drives. It keeps a designated distance from the car in front of you and automatically breaks if they do.
•Lane assist. Keeps you in your lane on the road and automatically corrects you if you veer off a ltitle too much on either side of the road. I have noticed that this gets messed up a little when there’s snow on the road, as it reads the snow as lines. No biggie, I just don’t set it when there’s snow on the road. Speaking of snow, I live in NW Iowa and we get a lot of snow and this car is a legit snow roller. I’ve driven in sup-particular conditions when I really shouldn’t have been driving in any other car, but this baby made it feel like I was driving on a normal, clear road. It also drives well on wet or icy roads, too.

•Sensors on the rear quarters that let you know if someone is in your blinds pot by lighting up an orange light on the side mirrors.
•Nav system.
•Audio apps
•Backup camera
•Voice controls

As for any cons, I really don’t have any. It drives so we’ll and has all the options I could ask for. I never felt anything g but safe in this car and will only ever own a Subar from here on out. This is my first Ru and it’s been a great experience. I’m looking forward to the new model with three rows of seats coming in 2019.

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