2016 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Review and Comparison

Rides great, handles well, comfortable on long drives and I am averaging around 31mpg in mixed driving. Styling is very good as well. I really like the looks of the car. Stereo sounds real good but I am far from an audiophile. Blind spots are minimal with the C-Pillar being the worst.

The adaptive cruise control is really nice on long trips. Will even slow the car down to a stop if needed. Bluetooth is easy to set up and the microphone in the cabin is good, haven’t had any complaints when talking with people. Nav screen is a good size and easy to set destination. Back up camera and cross traffic sensor makes backing out of spots less puckering.

What cost the review a star:
Lane departure and blind spot monitors are useless if you are paying attention.
I really hate the forward collision sensor. I find it overly sensitive and intrusive. I’ve nearly been rear-ended a couple times going around a car taking a right and the sensor literally slams on the brakes. I have to shut it off in traffic because it is so annoying.


You are supposed to be able to send texts and have them read through the infotainment center, but I can’t get it to work properly (though i do have a 4 year old phone).
The voice activation take a couple minutes to boot up when you start the car so its not immediately available.
I have a USB for music. Sometimes it takes awhile for the car to recognize the USB when I start it up. Shouldn’t do that.

Plan on bringing all these up with next service appointment so may adjust rating after that.

Dealer Suggested Retail $16,050.00 Used

Private Party Value $15,050.00 Used

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